Introducing ASAPP GenerativeAgent™, the future of CX

Introducing ASAPP GenerativeAgent™, the future of CX

We are proud and thrilled to announce a revolutionary new product the likes of which enterprises have never seen before, GenerativeAgent™, a product that automates what was previously impossible to automate with our fully conversational generative AI voice and chat agent.

GenerativeAgent™ is a generative AI product that can automate 90%+ of contact center interactions. This revolutionary technology can handle complex interactions, helping customers more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Furthermore, it unleashes a new era of productivity by allowing agent concurrency for voice interactions–introducing a new paradigm for contact centers. 

"This product isn't just groundbreaking—it's revolutionary, redefining what we thought was possible in what is likely the largest automation opportunity in the world today," said Gustavo Sapoznik, Founder and CEO, ASAPP.

GenerativeAgent™ delivers:

Dramatic business savings:
- Greatly reduces the call volume to your agents
- Raises the ceiling of what you can automate
- Accurate, flexible, and secure

Increased customer satisfaction with:
- No time wasted
- No channel switching
- No transfers, for a seamless experience

GenerativeAgent™ is always online and ready to speak with your customers.

What does GenerativeAgent™ solve?

For far too long, companies have been spending fortunes that result in the alienation and frustration of customers; all the while, the agents in these contact centers have one of the highest attrition rates of any job. Technology so far has provided a few band-aids to aid in the problem of delivering excellent customer service at scale and at cost. Still, the reality is that nothing but incremental value has been delivered for the better part of the past forty years. 

These incremental gains in capability over the years have resulted in an industry that is stuck in an unfortunate tradeoff where companies have to place themselves on a spectrum ranging from cost-effective yet poor customer service to prohibitively expensive and excellent customer service. All the while, frontline agents have been crushed beneath the sheer volume of interactions and tasks to accomplish, resulting in some of the highest turnover rates of any occupation. The truth is that employees were not built to thrive in this environment, and customers were not built to endure this environment.

GenerativeAgent™ finally breaks this tradeoff by allowing companies to deliver excellent customer service at scale while freeing up human agents to focus more fully on higher-tiered interactions and problem-solving.

“Organizations no longer have to make a trade-off between great customer experience and saving money. With ASAPP, doing what’s best for the company is now doing what’s best for the customer.” - Gustavo Sapoznik, Founder and CEO, ASAPP

What is GenerativeAgent™?

GenerativeAgent™ is a fully capable generative AI voice and messaging agent. It is a completely autonomous system that automates interactions currently assigned to human agents. This results in a radically improved customer experience across all interaction channels and substantial business savings. 

ASAPP's decade-long AI research and creation of state-of-the-art products has culminated in the breakthrough that is GenerativeAgent™. The product is:

  • Fully generative: The system is grounded on the content of your APIs and knowledge systems. No manual dialogue design is needed as GenerativeAgent™ autonomously interacts with an enterprise's backend systems.
  • Actively learning: This includes a human-in-the-loop interface for escalations, allowing GenerativeAgent™ to learn from agents' actions when their involvement is required while enabling voice agent concurrency.
  • Safe and secure: It is grounded in your policies, procedures, and desired controls, satisfying the strictest enterprise security and compliance requirements.
  • Seamlessly implemented: GenerativeAgent™ integrates natively into existing IVR, messaging, and telephony systems.

With GenerativeAgent™, customers will be immediately connected with a capable, conversational, and flexible helper that will solve many of their questions or issues dependably and efficiently. Agents will be able to oversee multiple interactions at once, and can handle all escalations in real-time through GenerativeAgent™.

Want to learn more and see it in action? Watch the full-length keynote presentation here.

Safety and security with GenerativeAgent™

None of these groundbreaking capabilities matter if you cannot trust it to deliver the right information to your customers, stay within your policies, and faithfully reflect your brand.

We built GenerativeAgent™ to be not only the most capable generative AI agent on the market but also the safest and most trustworthy. Read on to see just some of the steps that we have taken and the guardrails that we have built to ensure that GenerativeAgent™ can respond reliably, effectively, and safely to your customers.

Grounded in your knowledge center and APIs

GenerativeAgent™ leverages integrations into your APIs to retrieve data and take actions that are specific to each customer, enabling hyper-personalized automation. Your knowledge center is used to answer all questions about policies, products, or services and technical issues while maintaining up-to-date responses.

Cutting-Edge Language Models (LLMs)

ASAPP utilizes state-of-the-art Language Learning Models (LLMs) renowned for their exceptional performance in (1) adhering to prescribed instructions, (2) deciphering potentially conflicting or vague customer input, and (3) mitigating the risk of generating inaccurate or unintended responses, ensuring utmost privacy and data integrity.

Built-in Safety Protocols

ASAPP integrates robust safety protocols designed to assess the safety of incoming inputs. Any queries deemed potentially unsafe are promptly flagged and rejected, safeguarding user privacy and security.

Thorough Testing Procedures

ASAPP subjects GenerativeAgent™ to internal and external evaluations conducted by both ASAPP personnel and trusted customers, ensuring that all interactions yield safe and reliable outcomes, thereby upholding our commitment to privacy and safety.

Agent Connectivity and Human Oversight (Human in the Loop)

ASAPP's infrastructure facilitates seamless connectivity between agents and human operators, ensuring that GenerativeAgent™ receives timely assistance and oversight whenever encountering queries beyond its scope, thereby enhancing the accuracy and privacy of responses, with all escalations being handled through GenerativeAgent™.

Legal Assurance

GenerativeAgent™ has been developed using, and will continue to be updated using, and will function consistent with, the present and future standards, guidelines, protocols, and policies applicable to, governing, or addressing AI, offering assurance to users regarding the protection and responsible handling of their data

Want to learn more about GenerativeAgent™?

Visit the product page here.

Meet GenerativeAgent™ - request a demo here.

About ASAPP and our journey to GenerativeAgent™

ASAPP is an artificial intelligence cloud provider committed to solving how enterprises and their customers engage. Inspired by large, complex, and data-rich problems, ASAPP creates state-of-the-art AI technology that covers all facets of the contact center. Leading businesses rely on ASAPP's AI Cloud applications and services to multiply Agent productivity, operationalize real-time intelligence, and delight every customer. 

GenerativeAgent™ is the latest in ASAPP's suite of generative AI customer experience products, including AutoSummary, AutoTranscribe, and the ASAPP Messaging platform. Fortune 500 organizations, including four of the top five cable providers, 50% of the leading wireless companies, two of the four largest airlines, and other leading enterprises across banking, insurance, retail, and technology, currently use ASAPP's state-of-the-art products and technology.

ASAPP’s journey to GenerativeAgent™ is the result not of following the technology trend and hastily incorporating “AI” on top of or into legacy products but of envisioning what products and technology should be and then doing the required hard work to make it happen. This work has resulted in over 100 patents, dozens of publications in top AI journals, and a continued development of the technology required to make our vision come to life over the past 10 years.

Lane Hartman

Lane Hartman leads Content and Customer Marketing at ASAPP.

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Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •
Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •