A fully capable generative AI voice and chat agent that you can trust to represent your brand

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Dramatic business savings

Re-imagine the agent workflow
Raise your containment ceiling
Realize agent voice concurrency

Increased customer satisfaction

No hold times
No channel switching
No transfers

Voice agent concurrency has always been 1:1. Until now.

Until now, even your best agent had a voice concurrency
of just 1:1. Now, you can have your best agents overseeing multiple voice conversations at once.

In the event of an escalation, the human agent acts as
a “human-in-the-loop”, sitting behind GenerativeAgent,
on our workflow UI, completing only the workflows required to successfully resolve the interaction.

Accuracy and effectiveness grounded in your sources


Integrations into your APIs retrieve data and take actions that are specific to each customer, enabling hyper-personalized automation.

Knowledge Base

Used to answer all questions about policies, products, or services and technical issues while maintaining up-to-date responses.

A trustworthy generative agent, bound by checks and balances

Cutting-Edge Language Models (LLMs)
Built-in Safety Protocols
Thorough Testing Procedures
Agent Connectivity and Human Oversight (Human in the Loop)
Legal Assurance
Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •
Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •