Key Features


Elevate Customer Interactions

GenerativeAgent™ acts as a highly capable virtual agent that handles your routing queries and complex tasks. Free up your agents to handle more complex customer inquiries to ensure a high CSAT score.

ASAPP Messaging

Quality Agent Responses

Crafts high-quality, accurate messages for agents. Reduces response time and increases agent’s confidence in communication with customers.

Detailed Sentiment Analysis

Provides deep insights into customer sentiment from every interaction. Go beyond basic CSAT scores and start understanding your customer’s needs.

In-depth Activity Analysis

Gives a detailed understanding of agent activities so you can immediately identify areas of improvement and act swiftly.


Improve Agent Performance and Lower Attrition

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Empower Your Team

Provide your agents with tools that help them perform their best, leading to increased job satisfaction and better customer service.

Onboard Agents Faster

Reduce the learning curve for new agents. Provide your agents with AI-driven support tools that help them handle complex interactions confidently.

Serve Customers Needs Faster

Use Generative AI to guide agents in real-time. Ensure quick and precise resolutions that improve customer satisfaction.

Reduce Operational Costs

Minimize the need for extensive agent training and reduce turnover with tools that make your agents more efficient and satisfied in their roles.

Increase First Contact Resolution 

Resolve issues on the first contact by equipping your agents with powerful insights and guidance.

How it works

Empowering Agents with AI-Driven Learning and Virtual Support

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Learning Phase

Our machine-learning models learn from your best agents so you can address customer needs more accurately.


AI Integration

The insights feed our AI-native tools, providing real-time support to agents to help customers in the moment.



GenerativeAgent™ acts as a virtual agent that handles routing support tasks so your customers are taken care of promptly and with care.


Improve First Contact Resolution and Analyze Customer Feedback

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First Contact Resolution

Increase first contact resolution rates by providing agents with AI-driven insights and real-time guidance. Ensure your agents are quick and effective at problem-solving, leaving your customers satisfied.

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Use AutoSummary™ to gain detailed insights into customer sentiment. Address issues proactively and improve their overall satisfaction.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Identify areas for improvement and tailor your support strategies to enhance overall customer satisfaction.

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280s saved per


73,000 workforce
hours saved

5x increase in
digital adoption

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Connect Seamlessly

ASAPP integrates seamlessly with various platforms and can be easily integrated through our robust API, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process.


We offer flexible pricing plans tailored to your needs. Contact sales to talk about pricing.

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What is GenerativeAgent™ and how does it improve CSAT?

GenerativeAgent™ is an advanced virtual agent capable of handling routine queries and complex tasks. By enhancing the speed and accuracy of your customer interactions, GenerativeAgent™ helps you increase customer satisfaction and resolution rates. Every customer receives exceptional service with GenerativeAgent™.


How does AutoSummary™ enhance customer sentiment analysis?

AutoSummary™ provides detailed insights into customer sentiment. This allows you to proactively address customer issues and tailor your support strategies to improve their overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.


How does ASAPP’s Generative AI reduce operational costs?

Through boosting agent efficiency and reducing turnover, ASAPP’s AI-native solutions help you minimize training and recruitment costs associated with hiring. This leads to significant savings for your company while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction and operational performance.