Security, privacy, and compliance

ASAPP is a company your enterprise can trust to securely boost your customer experience performance.

The ASAPP engineering, research, product, and security teams work closely together to ensure security-minded and privacy-focused customer outcomes—from early design to deployment. From a strong and resilient modern architecture, to a dedicated around-the-clock team, to platform features that enable secure interactions and compliance assurance, we have built a foundation of trust our customers can rely on to power up their performance and rest easy knowing we’re on it.

Security, privacy, and compliance

ASAPP leverages a mix of industry-standard frameworks to implement and manage strong security and privacy controls to protect our platform and your customer data. Independent third party attestations demonstrate our continued commitment to a certified level of assurance. ASAPP conducts an annual SOC2 Type 2 audit by a reputable independent third-party and also maintains PCI-DSS Level 1 certification to enable our customers to confidently conduct more sensitive interactions on our platform. In addition to the general measures we take on privacy, our Privacy Statement also contains detailed information about our alignment with GDPR as both a Data Processor and Data Controller.

Pci and DSS compliant

Reporting security concerns to ASAPP

ASAPP is committed to providing the highest levels of security in our platform to serve our customers. At the same time, we recognize that security is a constantly changing threat landscape and as such, the emergence of software vulnerabilities is a reality despite our very focused and concerted efforts to identify and eradicate them from our software and our platform with continual and humble vigilance.

ASAPP is grateful for the assistance of any security researchers and professionals who contribute to helping us improve our security posture. If you believe that you have found a security issue impacting ASAPP, you may report the issue to our security team at The more relevant details you can include, the better our team will be able to triage and handle your report. Our PGP key (fingerprint 88C1 3C94 F617 BDB4 B3A5 CAE7 DCB1 5CDD 8803 4E51) can be used to encrypt your email submission. We believe in and practice responsible disclosure and appreciate your community cooperation as we collaborate together to safely resolve and correct any verified security issues. Thank you for your cooperation and continuing to help us make ASAPP an even safer place for our customers and the industries we serve.