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The best of chat redefined by generative AI

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The best of chat redefined by generative AI
5x digital adoption
82% agent augmentation
34% increase in CSAT

Incumbent chat solutions aren’t solving much

Low digital adoption persists
Many companies struggle with messaging, only utilizing it for 10% of interactions. This means missing out on the cost-effective benefits of chat interactions and digital self-serve opportunities.

Agent productivity is stagnating
Concurrency rates linger at 1.3, only marginally improved from synchronous voice calls.

Real-time insights remain restricted
Companies face challenges with gaining insight into real-time and historical data related to operational performance, customer sentiment, topic trends, and other crucial metrics.

ASAPP Messaging is a unified solution addressing agent productivity, low digital adoption, and insights limitations.

ASAPP Messaging

Help agents achieve maximum productivity

ASAPP Messaging is a superior chat platform built by people who get messaging.

Its generative AI native architecture creates significant productivity gains for agents because of its ability to utilize AI services throughout all aspects of a customer interaction. Throughput continues to increase with substantial efficiency and AI-driven routing to increase concurrency.

Help agents achieve maximum productivity
Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Spot critical issues in real time. Anomaly detection analyzes live customer conversations to detect unusual customer language so you get early warnings. React quickly to emerging problems or opportunities with instant alerts sent to designated representatives or executives. Gain visibility into unusual changes in customer behavior and understand the root cause behind them.

Increase digital adoption

Meet your customers where they are with cohesive omni-channel interaction and drive more digital traffic with features that encourage customers to message instead of call–web chat, IVR Redirect, and support for Apple Business Chat and Google Business Messages.

Support a fully asynchronous experience, allowing customers to switch between channels - without losing the conversation history with Persistent Conversation Thread and push notifications.

Increase digital adoption

Reveal new insight into operations

Get detailed, actionable analytics with a real-time dashboard, real-time alerts, and a comprehensive set of reports

Reveal new insight into operations

Key Features

Integrated Virtual Agent

Take advantage of the automation continuum—AI that learns what agents are doing to serve customers to make the virtual agent smarter. Benefit from faster responses, efficient queue management, self-service options, and secure forms for confidential transactions. As the virtual agent learns from each interaction, expect elevated standards and better responses.

Key features - integrated virtual agent
AutoCompose On-board

Boost agent performance by suggesting AI-driven responses during customer interactions. Save time and enhance accuracy with autocorrect and continuous learning. Custom libraries and global allow lists ensure optimal responses, elevating your team's efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Key features - autoCompose on-board
No-Code AI Console Configuration

Easily access and manage all your AI products in one place. Quick and effortless configurations empower you to get started and fine-tune on the fly. Simplifying your agent experience to streamline customer interactions.

Key features - no-code AI console configuration
Rich Reporting

Unlock powerful insights by accessing over 300 metrics and over 100 data dimensions. Customize reports effortlessly without any coding and easily tailor your dashboard to get a comprehensive view of your data.

Key features - rich reporting

A premium platform built for exceptional enterprises

ASAPP Messaging was built with generative AI at its core for transformative agent performance, seamless customer control, and powerful analytics for supervisors. Each user experience is as thoughtfully designed as each component.

A premium platform built for exceptional enterprises
“ASAPP has significantly improved our efficiency in a very short time. Not only are we moving interactions from phone to digital, we’re doing it in a way that both our customers and our crew members love.”
Ian Deason, SVP Customer Experience

Outcomes worth adoption

Digital adoption
US Airline
Increase in flow success rate
F500 Insurance Company
Total throughput
US Telco

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Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •
Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •