Key Features

Workflow Analysis

Gain detailed insights into every workflow. Understand the words, actions, and systems used by your agents to address customer needs. 

Real-time Data Integration

Integrate real-time data from customer interactions, provide continuous updates, and insights to refine automation strategies and improve customer service accuracy.

Automation Recommendations

Receive AI-driven recommendations for automating tasks and processes. Self-service options are optimized for maximum impact and customer satisfaction.

Customizable Insights

Tailor the insights and recommendations to your specific business needs. Ensure that the automation strategies align with your operational goals and customer expectations.


Enhance Customer Experience with Fast, Accurate Responses

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Actionable Intelligence

Leverage detailed analysis and real-time data to make informed decisions about automation for your business.

Operational Cost Reduction

Reduce operational costs by minimizing manual processes and leveraging automation, resulting in significant savings.

Improved Customer Experience

Deliver faster and more accurate responses to customer needs by implementing effective self-service options.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scale your automation efforts as your business grows with customizable insights that adapt to changing needs and priorities.

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline your operations by identifying and automating repetitive tasks. Allow your agents to focus on more complex and value-added tasks.

How it works

Optimize Agent Activities with Data-Driven Automation

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Data Mapping and Analysis

Map out agent activities and identify key areas for automation based on real-time data and historical performance.


Automation Implementation

Implement AI-driven recommendations to automate identified tasks and processes.


Continuous Improvement

Monitor performance and continuously refine automation strategies based on real-time and data and evolving customer needs.


Improve Customer Service with Query and Workflow Automation

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Customer Query Automation

Automate routing customer queries by analyzing agent responses and identifying common patterns. Reduce response times and provide your customers with a hassle-free experience.

Workflow Optimization

Identify and automate repetitive tasks within your agent’s workflows. Allow your agents to focus on more high-value customer interactions.

Proactive Support

Use insights to predict customer needs. Provide support through automated solutions and improve overall service quality and customer loyalty.

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280s saved per


73,000 workforce
hours saved

5x increase in
digital adoption

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Connect Seamlessly

Our robust API supports smooth integration with various systems and workflows.


We offer flexible pricing plans tailored to your needs. Contact sales to talk about pricing.

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How does ASAPP’s Self-service Insights identify automation opportunities? 

ASAPP analyzes detailed agent workflows and customer interactions to pinpoint repetitive tasks and processes that can be automated for increased efficiency.


What support is available for implementing ASAPP’s Self-service Insights?

We offer comprehensive support including onboarding assistance, training, and ongoing technical support to ensure a successful implementation and optimization of self-service solutions within your organization.