Recorded Webinar: The Metrics Revolution

The CX industry is changing. It’s time to rethink your metrics

Tune in for a lively discussion between Punk CX author Adrian Swinscoe and ASAPP CMO Macario Namie about the KPIs that matter in CX today.

As investment in digital grows, it’s more important than ever to focus on humans first. Tune in for expert insight into:  

  • Changing customer expectations (and how to best serve them)
  • The growing problem with traditional KPIs
  • Best approaches to human-first CX strategy
  • How technology can enhance the human experience
  • Which metrics you should be measuring (and how AI can help)


Adrian Swinscoe,
Forbes Writer, Author of Punk CX

Described as an experimental CX thought leader and visionary, Adrian Swinscoe is a best-selling author, Forbes contributor, speaker, investor, advisor, and aspirant CX Punk. He has been growing and helping develop customer-focused large and small businesses for over 25 years now. His clients have included brands such as Sky, NowTV, Apple, ING, KFC, Philips, Cancer Research UK, Talk Talk, Gazprom, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Olympus, Harper Collins, the UK Gov’s Crown Commercial Service, Microsoft, Pearson, and Costa Coffee, as well as numerous tech vendors and many smaller and medium sized businesses. Adrian is a frequent writer, podcaster, and speaker on all things related to customer service and experience.

Macario Namie,
Chief Marketing Officer, ASAPP

Macario leads the strategy around ASAPP’s go-to-market, working with companies like JetBlue, Dish, and American Airlines to empower agents and contact center operations with AI-driven automation to dramatically improve performance.

He has more than 20 years of Software-as-a-Service experience in enterprise solutions. Prior to ASAPP, Macario was CMO of Uptake and before that head of IoT strategy at Cisco after running marketing and strategy at Jasper for nine years prior to its acquisition by Cisco. Macario also held senior marketing roles at WebEx, ePeople and Lycos. He holds a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •
Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •