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Max Black
Vice President, Strategic Accounts

Part of the early team at IBM Watson and now leading Strategic Sales at ASAPP, Max has spent the past decade focused on bringing to bear the value of AI and machine learning technologies for large enterprises, particularly in the Customer Experience space. Despite his work, sometimes he, too, just wants to “talk to an agent”.
Chris Kelly
Director, Strategic Accounts

Chris has dedicated his entire career to the contact center and CX technology space, and he is deeply passionate about harnessing the potential of generative AI to assist what is arguably the most underserved resource in the CX value chain: contact center agents. He approaches every customer engagement with a profound curiosity to comprehend challenges and uncover opportunities for mutual value and success.
Michael Lawder
Chief Experience Officer

Michael has deep experience in transforming great companies and brands into customer-first organizations that, in turn, deliver great customer experiences, build loyalty, and drive better business results. Prior to joining ASAPP Michael held CX leadership roles at Samsung, Electronic Arts, and Apple. He is a passionate customer advocate.
Jaime Safianow
Director of Business Development

Jaime has been in the CX + Contact Center world for the last 10 years, leading Business Development efforts at TTEC, Mattersight (acquired by NICE), and Cogito. As Head of Business Development at ASAPP, Jaime’s team are responsible for accelerating and driving Digital Innovation & Technology use case business across ASAPP’s North American sales organization. She lives in Austin TX and is a live music enthusiast.
Joe Schwartz
Director, Strategic Accounts

Joe has deep experience bringing innovative cloud and on-premises solutions to the largest global brands to fulfill their complex strategic business and technology transformation goals. Prior to joining ASAPP, he was a key member of the Oracle Strategic Client team. Joe is now focused on the specific mission to revolutionize the CX contact center experience. He is passionate about delivering high value solutions built on ASAPP world class AI and machine learning technology designed to vastly improve every customer experience and drive better business results.

Don't Miss: Maximizing Adoption of Self-Serve

As founding Amazon Vice President of Customer Service and ASAPP advisor Bill Price said in his seminal 2008 book, “The Best Service Is No Service.” Yet despite entering the age of generative AI, contact centers are larger, costlier, more complex than ever before. This collaborative session will take a fresh look at strategies for turning the tide, with the advent of new technologies. Key takeaways include:

  • Lessons learned from a top global brand seeking a more frictionless CX
  • Insight on the optimal measures, tactics, and technologies that impact self-serve rates
  • A blueprint for a comprehensive plan to drive self-serve adoption, including via automated channels, live agents, and VOC insights
With Max Black, Vice President, Strategic Accounts
Monday, October 23, 10:15 AM

We build generative AI for contact centers

Companies cut their spend to serve customers and get rich, actionable insights to understand all interactions

The customer experience is transformed
capturing lost revenue opportunities and increasing NPS

Agent productivity  increases,
boosting performance metrics and quality

ASAPP Vertical AI powers the next wave of enterprise transformation

Our products

Transformation Delivered

Generative AI for your contact center. Trained on your data for your complex reality.

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Automate away 80% of agent responses.

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Automate call summaries for 100% of your customer interactions.

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Set specific behaviors and contexts to increase compliance and consistency.

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The most accurate real-time speech-to-text technology.

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Intuitively designed nudges guide agents at the right moment in the conversation.

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Improve conversions with personalized, context-aware conversations.

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Automate quality scoring on 100% of customer interactions.

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Easily summarize customer issues to improve self-service.

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Get detailed, actionable analytics with a real-time dashboard.

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The best of chat redefined by generative AI.

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Our products help enterprises transform their business

Augmentation Rate in 30 Days F500 Insurance Company
Reduction in ACW
F100 Retailer
Decrease in AHT Top Satellite TV Company
Increase in CSAT
F500 Telco
Increase in throughput US Airline
Increase in NPS scores Global Network Operator

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Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •
Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •