Key Features


The Ultimate Support Tool

Acts as a highly capable virtual agent handling Tier 1 support tickets. 


Automated Disposition Notes

Creates detailed disposition notes automatically and frees up agents to focus on customer interactions.

Quality Agent Responses

Crafts high-quality, accurate messages for agents. Reduces response time and increases confidence in communication with customers. 

In-depth Activity Analysis

Provides a detailed understanding of how your agents spend their time. Highlights areas for automation and efficiency improvements.


Improve Agent Performance and Lower Attrition

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Bring Agents Up to Speed Faster

Reduce the learning curve for new agents by providing them with AI-driven support tools that help them handle complex interactions confidently.

Make Every Agent Your Best Agent

Utilize insights from your top-performing agents to help all your agents achieve their best performance.

Build Agent Confidence and Competency

Equip your agents with the tools they need to handle interactions more efficiently.

Reduce Agent Attrition

Provide your agents with a more fulfilling and supportive work environment. Reduce high turnover rates and retain your valuable agents.

Reduction in Headcount Costs

With less turnover, and the ability to use GenerativeAgent™ for Tier 1 support, you can significantly cut down on recruiting and training costs.

How it works

Learning, Integrating, and Assisting

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Learning Phase

Our machine-learning models learn from your best agents and capture the most effective ways to address customer needs.


AI Integration

The insights feed our Generative AI products to provide real-time support to all agents.



GenerativeAgent™ acts as a virtual agent that can autonomously handle Tier 1 support.


Enhance Agent Skills, Efficiency, and Job Satisfaction

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New Agent Training

Speed up the training process by providing new agents with immediate, AI-driven support. Reduce the learning curve and enhance their confidence.

Performance Improvement

Support your agents with real-time guidance and insights. Help them improve their performance and job satisfaction so they grow with your business.

Task Automation

Automate repetitive tasks to give your agents more time to focus on complex and fulfilling aspects of their roles.

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280s saved per


73,000 workforce
hours saved

5x increase in
digital adoption

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Connect Seamlessly

ASAPP integrates seamlessly with various platforms and can be easily integrated through our robust API, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process.


We offer flexible pricing plans tailored to your needs. Contact sales to talk about pricing.

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What is GenerativeAgent™ and how does it improve agent retention?

GenerativeAgent™ is an advanced virtual agent capable of handling Tier 1 support tasks. Give GenerativeAgent™ your simplest tasks so your agents can focus on more important support inquiries that lead to improved job satisfaction and retention.


How does GenerativeAgent™ enhance job satisfaction for agents?

GenerativeAgent™ handles repetitive and mundane tasks so your agents don’t have to. Human agents can focus on more engaging and fulfilling aspects of their job, reducing burnout and increasing job satisfaction.


How does GenerativeAgent™ reduce headcount costs?

By handling Tier 1 support GenerativeAgent helps minimize recruitment and training costs. See immediate savings.