What to Look for in a CX Transcription Solution

What to Look for in a CX Transcription Solution

What to Look for in a CX Transcription Solution

Excellent, automatic transcription is mission-critical for digital CX transformation if you are looking to:

  • Build the foundation to automate summaries or agent notes
  • Capture business intelligence from all of your customer interactions
  • Augment your agent capabilities in both digital and voice channels
  • Better understand and address agent effectiveness
  • Easily extract certain phrases, intents, and entities from all of your transcripts
  • Lay the foundation for all future CX AI initiatives

Speed and Accuracy Matter Most

If you’re aligned with those aims, then the number one thing you need to look for is a transcription solution with no tradeoff between speed and accuracy. Here’s why:

High speed: Transcriptions can help both during and after the call. Your agents need to be able to see exactly what is said as it’s being said, clearing up confusion or accounting for different accents. They also need to be able to use that real-time data in other AI solutions like agent augmentation tools. So don’t compromise. High-speed, low-latency transcription is essential.

High accuracy: Most transcriptions get the easy stuff right and can capture over 80% of single words and phrases, but what is left over is the most complex and critical information. Make sure your transcription solution can track not only exactly what was said but also who said it. 

Understanding the critical significance of both speed and accuracy, we purposefully engineered AutoTranscribe to excel in both aspects.

Customization Capabilities

Speed and accuracy are paramount, but don't overlook the importance of customization capabilities. Once you have optimal speed and accuracy, focus on the solution's ability to adapt to the unique needs of your business. This ensures that your transcription solution remains efficient and effective, even as requirements evolve over time. Since transcription forms the bedrock of much of your CX technology stack, invest in a solution that's future-proof and won't require frequent replacements. 

Introduction to AutoTranscribe

ASAPP AutoTranscribe is unmatched in the transcription landscape, offering high accuracy, best-in-class performance, tailored models, and rigorous evaluation.

With accuracy exceeding 89% and a latency of just 60ms, AutoTranscribe ensures no detail is missed in every call, which is crucial for both understanding and action.

Built on real-world data, AutoTranscribe achieves a word error rate (WER) of less than 11%, far surpassing generic services. Its tailored models adapt to each business's needs, capturing critical information accurately. 

Real-time transcription capabilities enable swift problem-solving, enhancing agent efficiency and enabling real-time responses. ASAPP's commitment to excellence ensures continuous improvement, making AutoTranscribe a strategic asset for contact center operations.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

For comprehensive insights into CX transcriptions and their transformative potential, download our eBook "The Modern CX Guide to Transcription." Explore best practices, technologies, and solutions to revolutionize CX with accurate transcription. Elevate agent efficiency, gain valuable business data, and harness the full potential of customer interactions.

Transform your CX strategy with the right transcription solution.

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