To realize Forrester’s vision of conversational intelligence, a human focus is needed.

To realize Forrester’s vision of conversational intelligence, a human focus is needed.

For the CX industry, success always relied on an ability to deliver high-quality customer interactions at scale. The availability of omnichannel opened up new, convenient, avenues for customers to engage with organizations, yet it also increased the volume of interactions needing resolution. But thanks to modern advances in AI research, conversational and speech intelligence is having a new renaissance moment to improve CX revenue and efficiency at this rising scale.

As proof of this trend, Forrester Research released their new Q2 2021 report, “Now Tech: Conversation Intelligence” which names ASAPP among the leading conversation intelligence providers. The report guides forward-looking organizations to harness conversational intelligence in three key areas:

  • Delivering CX insights at scale.
  • Solutions which help organizations understand the voice of the customer and the agent at every interaction.
  • Improving CX behavior at scale.
  • Solutions which monitor and guide agents on what to say, actions to take, or areas to coach an agent.
  • Accelerating revenue.
  • Solutions which give sales teams insights they need to drive a greater volume of better leads and to ensure they are acted upon.

In looking at these areas, it’s no surprise that organizations like American Airlines and DISH are turning to ASAPP for real-time insights that empower customer and sales agents to achieve peak performance. At ASAPP, we believe that intelligence is best deployed at the point of where it matters: in real time where the interactions occur. It’s why we’re committed to advancing true AI which is redefining automation in contact center operations to triple throughput, increase digital adoption and transform contact center operations with lower operational costs.

Macario Namie
Real-time insights from a continuously learning system improve a company’s ability to deliver highly personalized customer experiences—and substantially improve efficiency at the same time.

Macario Namie

This real time conversational Intelligence replaces yesterday’s rules-based systems by capitalizing on the insights of your agents and customers. A rules-based system, whether it feeds chatbots or humans, only captures a fraction of the available knowledge and doesn’t take advantage of the lessons learned from today’s data pools. Rigid rules-based systems aren’t flexible or generalizable for diverse customer needs, as no rules-based system will deliver customized, real-time intelligence that equip agents in what to say the moment actions occur.

It’s time for us to harness conversational intelligence that applies the knowledge of agents at scale. CX leaders who utilize a combination of conversational intelligence and automation understand how this leads to better customer voice and digital experiences that increase Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS). It’s why organizations that deploy ASAPP see an exponential improvement in performance that delivers measurable results in less than 60 days.

That’s all to say that we’re proud to see further recognition of ASAPP’s value in conversational intelligence. The Forrester Research report builds on our distinction as a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner. How are you thinking of using conversation intelligence at your organization?

Read the full report by Forrester Research for more details.
See the press release here.

Macario Namie

Macario Namie, Marketing

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Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •