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Investment News:

ASAPP Research

We work to advance fundamental research in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Speech Recognition, and to shorten the time from discovery to deployment. Research also informs every aspect of our product and innovates how our millions of users interact with ASAPP products every day.


We’re breaking new ground in AI.

Having a leading research team enables us to achieve significant commercial milestones while being directly engaged with the academic community as we work to advance the field.

Speech Recognition

We develop world-class speech technologies that understand human communication by pushing the limits of applied research and engineering.

Machine Learning

We process massive volumes of data and develop cutting-edge ML algorithms to push AI capabilities to new levels and enable ASAPP to deliver revolutionary solutions.

Natural Language Processing and Understanding

We build cutting-edge NLP models and algorithms that can run at scale, power human conversations, and self-improve from user feedback.

Data Science

We work to have a deep understanding of how ASAPP’s platform is used, how well it operates, provide insight on real-world inefficiencies, and conceive and evaluate solutions.

ASAPP - Research Methodology

Research Methodology

Value and Progress

We invest in research projects that have significant value as well as strong product impact.

Contribute to Science

We publish our scientific findings and are active participants in the research community.

Ambitious and Meaningful Goals

We are motivated by practical application presented as product requirements such as smart disambiguation, iterative model improvement, and fast neural network training.

Research Leaders
Yoav Artzi, PhD


S.R.K Branavan, PhD


Tao Lei, PhD


Tao Ma, PhD


Ryan McDonald, PhD


David Sontag, PhD


Kilian Weinberger, PhD


“ASAPP has a world-class research team. Here we can investigate some of the most fascinating research questions in AI, publish the results, and turn the ideas into products - all at a rapid speed. I don't think we could do this anywhere else; at most places, we wouldn’t even have access to the data ASAPP has.”

Prof. Kilian Q. Weinberger, Principal Scientist

Some Selected Publications

Jeremy Wohlwend, Nicholas Matthews, Ivan Itzcovich
ACL 2019

Howard Chen, Alane Suhr, Dipendra Misra, Noah Snavly, Yoav Artzi
CVPR 2019

Kyle Swanson, Lili Yu, Christopher Fox, Jeremy Wohlwend, Tao Lei
ACL 2019, NLP4ConvAI

Tao Lei, Yu Zhang, Sida Wang, Hui Dai, Yoav Artzi
EMNLP 2018

Tianxiao Shen, Tao Lei, Regina Barzilay, Tommi Jaakkola
NeurIPS 2017

Research Careers at ASAPP

If you thrive in an environment of deep thinking, impactful research, and fast-paced execution, ASAPP is the place for you.

ASAPP - Research Careers at ASAPP
ASAPP Research
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