The richest CX data on earth isn't being mined

The richest CX data on earth isn't being mined

In recent weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to discuss technical innovation with CIOs at several Fortune 500 organizations. I’m always fascinated to hear the story these leaders report how their corporation’s technology and operating framework came to be. Inevitably, every CIO notes how much time and energy their teams have invested in their technology stack, working through many levels of complexity. And they share their frustration at how difficult it is to gain anything more than incremental improvements year over year.

“They’ve been telling me the same thing for five years”

A common challenge faced by most senior leaders is the absence of new insights into what’s driving their CX outcomes. While there are terabytes of data flowing through these businesses, the use of legacy reporting and analytics methodologies renders scant new actionable insights. One CIO told me he no longer asks his teams to provide insights into customer contacts because, “I already know what they are going to tell me because they have been telling me the same thing for the last 5 years.” Antiquated methodologies can be used to report historical performance, but fall very short of providing the customer insights needed to deliver material value.

There’s gold in your data

Intelligent data processing translated into actionable insights can enable even the largest organizations to respond rapidly to ever-changing market dynamics. Most Fortune 500 companies are sitting on a mountain of data and extracting little more than information for historical scorecard reporting. This data is a valuable asset that could drive significant business efficiencies through the application of well-developed artificial intelligence.

Chris Arnold
Data from all your interactions with customers is a rich source of insights that can significantly improve performance across your organization.

Chris Arnold

ASAPP helps companies mine this gold

Leveraging native, self-learning artificial intelligence enables the largest companies in the world to gain new actionable insights into what’s driving their business outcomes. The ASAPP AI platform provides insight into contact drivers, customer intent and sentiment, trends, effectiveness of promotional offers. and opportunities for enhanced automation and self-service. Machine learning models deployed in both voice and digital environments offer real-time as well as historical insights that lead to double-digit OPEX savings, incremental revenues, and enhanced customer and agent experiences.

Turning insight into action

I work with F500 customers daily in modernizing how they use real-time and historical data to reimagine their CX operations. By deploying the ASAPP AI Native® platform, they are immediately able to identify common topics raised by customers, understand root cause, and see what actions were taken by agents to resolve customer issues.

Sales and Marketing teams can use these insights to drive upsell/cross sell initiatives, promotions to improve loyalty and retention, and enhanced personalization. The Data Science team can leverage agent insights to inform automation flows that will reduce the level of effort for customers to get answers to questions. And, the digital team can use them to update self-service content.

Increasing productivity

These insights also help contact center operations directly. Leveraging data-driven AI, one customer has more than doubled their productivity, with 2.2X increases in resolutions per hour while also realizing a 7 percentage point increase in CSAT. Rather than simply using data for historical reporting, this F500 company is using data to create a leapfrog moment at a very challenging time globally.

Believing there are no new data-driven insights within the CX environment is a costly mistake. Continuing to leverage legacy methodologies will lead to outputs that offer little to address new business challenges. Actionable insights are there, often hiding just below the surface. Identifying and taking action on these insights across the entire organization will result in employees working on critical areas of opportunity rather than old assumptions.

Chris Arnold

Chris Arnold is the VP of Contact Center Strategy at ASAPP. He works with customers like JetBlue, Dish, and others to implement technology to improve engagement, lower costs and increase agent efficiency. Prior to ASAPP, Chris spent 20 years leading contact center strategy and technology implementation for Verizon and Alltel, leading staff operations, and managing desktop automation and augmentation

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