8 Friction Points in Scaling CX Summaries

8 Friction Points in Scaling CX Summaries

Creating effective and insightful summaries of customer interactions is essential for understanding the reasons behind your customer inquiries, the dynamics at play during conversations, and enhancing overall contact center performance. But it’s not easy to do, especially at scale. Here are the top 8 factors impeding contact centers from getting quality, actionable customer information from interactions that move the needle on improving customer experience:

  1. Manual Processes: Agents are burdened with manually creating summaries, or agent notes, during or after calls, diverting their attention from assisting customers and resulting in inconsistent and incomplete summaries with no useful data for acquiring insights.
  2. Time Pressure: Agents face pressure to meet aggressive Average Handle Time (AHT) goals, leading to rushed summaries of low quality or skipped summarization altogether.
  3. Over-reliance on Surveys: Relying solely on surveys for data collection can be problematic due to low response rates and biased feedback from only the most opinionated customers.
  4. Disruptive to Conversations: Summarization during calls can disrupt the natural flow of conversation, leading to increased friction and potentially lower Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.
  5. Agent Frustration: Manual, rushed, and frictional summarization processes contribute to agent frustration and burnout, exacerbating already high attrition rates in the industry.
  6. Inconsistent Quality: The rush to complete summaries results in inconsistent quality and unreliable data, hindering decision-making and organizational performance.
  7. Under-Reporting: Manual or hurried summarization may lead to under-reporting of critical information, impacting key performance indicators and organizational awareness.
  8. Multi-Channel Communications: Managing summaries across multiple communication channels adds complexity, making it challenging to aggregate data and provide seamless customer experiences

What does this friction look like?

According to our research, an average call center may be staring down the barrel at these bleak stats regarding summaries:

  • 120-300 seconds spent dispositioning per call.
  • Less than 25% of notes that are actually of a usable quality.
  • No data to aggregate for key business insights.

Overcoming these challenges requires effort, but fortunately, generative AI offers a promising solution to alleviate much of the friction. Implementing a modern AI summarization solution is essential to overcoming these obstacles and unlocking the true value of contemporary CX summaries.

Don’t miss out on summarization value

Without good summaries, your business could miss out on valuable insights and advantages. The absence of crucial historical context hampers agents' ability to assist customers effectively, reducing the personalized touch that builds loyalty. Moreover, lacking necessary compliance data can put your organization at risk of regulatory violations. 

Without comprehensive summaries, you lose access to valuable customer and business data vital for strategic decision-making and growth. And the lack of a true reflection of agent performance hinders identifying areas for improvement. Most importantly, without insights into customer satisfaction drivers (or detractors), you're unable to implement targeted improvements, limiting overall service quality and customer experience enhancements.

What’s next? Learn how to get good summaries at scale without adding to your agents’ workflows.

Download the AutoSummary eBook, our exhaustive guide to revolutionizing CX with generative summaries. This eBook will cover the best practices and technologies that will deliver the value that good summaries promise without undue agent distraction. Readers will learn:

  • What good summaries look like and contain.
  • Best practices for summarization - regardless of your methods.
  • How new technologies, like generative AI, can both eliminate the need for manual entry and enrich summaries with all necessary vital details.
  • What to look for when evaluating summarization technologies.
  • How to ensure you are collecting valuable business insights from your summarization efforts.

Get your copy of the eBook here!

Lane Hartman

Lane Hartman leads Content and Customer Marketing at ASAPP.

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