ASAPP Launches Generative AI AutoAssist to Provide Real-Time Assistance for Contact Center Agent

Purpose-built generative AI for Customer Experience (CX) cuts new agent ramp time by 50% and reduces average call handle time by more than 10%

NEW YORK, May 09, 2023 — ASAPP, the AI cloud company for contact centers, today introduced AutoAssist, providing real-time assistance to contact center agents, closing the gap between top and bottom performers, enhancing their proficiency and empathy to resolve customer issues more effectively and boost their productivity. AutoAssist is the latest in ASAPP’s suite of generative AI customer experience products, including AutoCompose, AutoSummary, and AutoTranscribe, which major organizations like Best Buy, American Airlines, Dish, and several other Fortune 100 companies use to provide best-in-class customer experience, transform agent productivity and, increase revenue.

The gap between top and bottom performing agents is up to 3x can create significant customer impact. Before generative AI advancements within the contact center, agents needed help to answer basic questions or kept customers on hold for long periods, leading to unproductive customer experiences, poor ratings, and unhappy customers. AutoAssist closes the gap, saves time, and improves performance by nudging agents during each conversation with optimal suggestions so Fortune 500 brands can better serve their customers, making it faster and more efficient for agents to respond to customer needs. AutoAssist analyzes conversations as they happen and provides precise, real-time recommendations and prompts to support agents automatically. AutoAssist enables enterprises to reduce the time to new agent proficiency in half and reduce average handle time by more than 10%, allowing policy changes to be deployed quickly and easily across an entire agent population.

“Too many organizations consider their contact center a cost center and fail to invest in new technology to improve customer service and experience. Brands that recognize the opportunity to leverage AI in the contact center can make every agent their best agent and help them delight every customer,” said Rachel Knaster, ASAPP’s chief product officer. “At ASAPP, we develop generative AI products to help leading brands transform their contact center into a revenue driver by giving their agents tools and insights to deliver optimal service. AutoAssist enables agents to ramp faster and resolve issues more effectively.”

AI has been proven to boost productivity, especially for new agents. According to a Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology study, agents with just two months of experience who AI aided performed just as well or better than agents with over six months of experience who worked without AI. Another recent study shows that 59% of US consumers will walk away from a company or product after having several negative customer service experiences, further validating the need for superior CX.

Through ASAPP’s AI research, CX domain expertise, and rich patent portfolio, AutoAssist joins ASAPP’s product suite of AI customer experience tools the company has released in the past year:

  • AutoTranscribe: An AI service that provides the market’s most accurate, real-time, speech-to-text transcription service.
  • AutoCompose: an AI service that suggests the correct responses for digital messaging agents, automating up to 80% of agent responses and driving higher productivity, satisfaction, and concurrency.
  • AutoSummary: an AI service API that automates after-call work and generates conversation summaries and analytics-ready data.

To learn more about Auto Assist, visit the web page.


ASAPP is a research-based artificial intelligence cloud provider committed to solving how enterprises and their customers engage. Inspired by large, complex, and data-rich problems, ASAPP creates state-of-the-art AI technology that covers all facets of the contact center. Leading businesses rely on ASAPP's AI Cloud applications and services to multiply Agent productivity, operationalize real-time intelligence, and delight every customer. To learn more about ASAPP innovations, visit

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Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •
Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •