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Real-time agent assistance, at the right time

For the majority of call center agents, the performance gap between top performers and low performers is vast, about 3x. Customers can feel it, and the impact on lifetime value from a single experience is massive. With AutoAssist you can save money by making agents more productive and deliver a delightful experience.

50% reduction in
 time to proficiency

10% reduction in overall AHT

Top agents perform 3x better

Roll out new policy changes in minutes


How it works


Configure options with no-code tooling


Monitor conversations with ASAPP AI


Send prompts to agents automatically


Detect agent outcome with ASAPP AI

Set specific behaviors and contexts

Detect your specific triggers

Top agents perform 3x better

Dismiss addressed or expired prompts; provide feedback

Make every agent your top agent

Speed up the ramping process to lower costs and elevate interaction quality across your organization. Using AutoAssist reduces the time it takes for agents to become proficient by 50%, which can result in a 10% decrease in Average Handle Time.

Intuitively designed nudges

Reminders for key process steps like greetings, authentication, compliance, and disclosures are prompted at the right moment in the conversation.

Zero overhead real-time guidance

Conversations are analyzed as they happen and precise, real-time recommendations and prompts are generated with no additional effort from your managers.

Instant policy changes via no-code Tooling

You don’t need to code anything to train custom models. Easily configure the AI to target high-value coaching opportunities specific to your business.


Key capabilities

Step-by-step guided workflows

“Quick answers” sourced from your knowledge base

Reminders for key process steps

Consumer-grade UX fits existing workflows and drives adoption

With pre-built integrations, AutoAssist can be seamlessly deployed into any existing environment, so you quickly realize increased efficiency and CSAT scores.

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