ASAPP AI Drives Digital Adoption in JetBlue's CX Transformation

JetBlue joined forces with ASAPP in late 2019 to transform its customer support experience with AI. The mission was to elevate customer satisfaction, preserve the human element, and prioritize the well-being of JetBlue's crewmembers. The journey towards a remarkable customer experience transformation experienced significant progress within a span of less than two years.

5x increase in digital adoption
280s saved per conversation
45% containment
73,000 workforce hours saved

Digital contact share soars

Against a backdrop of industry-wide scrutiny on efficiency and cost reduction, JetBlue and ASAPP aligned on a shared mission –  to leverage artificial intelligence that would allow JetBlue to transform the customer support experience by supporting and amplifying the efforts of its dedicated crewmembers.

In less than two years, JetBlue achieved an impressive fivefold increase in its digital contact share. This achievement was made possible by launching support for customer contacts on various digital channels, including Apple Messages for Business, Google Business Messaging, Web and App chat, and WhatsApp. In addition, we added support for JetBlue’s Spanish-speaking customers on digital platforms.

Generative AI augmented customer interactions saved JetBlue crewmembers an average of 280 seconds per conversation. In Q1 2023 alone, this AI-driven efficiency translated into significant savings of 73,000 workforce hours. Additionally, it empowered crewmembers to swiftly address complex customer problems, leading to shorter wait times for customers.

The integration of virtual agent experiences facilitated streamlined interactions and contributed to a remarkable 36% year-over-year growth in containment, with a 45% containment rate achieved in May 2023. This success demonstrates the effectiveness in providing AI-assisted solutions to customer inquiries that minimize the need for human intervention.

Rise in digital contact share

Vertical AI enhances the alignment of strategic objectives

JetBlue's transition from their previous customer support platform to ASAPP was driven by a desire for stronger alignment with their strategic vision. The move allowed JetBlue to harness the power of ASAPP vertical AI, enabling them to reach a pivotal milestone on their path to digital transformation.

Vertical AI enhances the alignment of strategic objectives

The shift towards digital share was significant for a few reasons.

Cost savings were achieved by reducing the overall support time per customer.

Empowered crewmembers delivered enhanced support through more advanced digital tools.

Customer preferences for digital contact opportunities were met, leading to positive customer experiences.

The shift towards digital share was significant for a few reasons.
“We were impressed with the technology that ASAPP brought to the table, but maybe most importantly, ASAPP also has a really complimentary culture to the JetBlue culture. And culture is something that's super important to us. So I think finding that chemistry with a partner played a huge role as well.”
Carol Clements

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Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •