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How to improve throughput by increasing concurrency—Part 1 of 2

By Mike Friedman
Head of Business Operations, ASAPP

ASAPP—How to Improve Throughput by Increasing Concurrency

Making Conversations Easier for Agents

There are a number of levers you can pull to drive dramatic cost savings in your digital messaging program while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. One of the most impactful is concurrency—the ability for agents to manage multiple conversations at once. Concurrency can substantially reduce labor costs by empowering agents to manage up to 6 conversations at once. But isn’t that overly ambitious, demanding for the agent, and challenging to staff? All of these factors are easily solvable in pursuit of massive customer care cost savings.

Mike Friedman

Your agents can manage multiple conversations at once—and keep your customers happy—when you use AI to support them well.

Achieving high concurrency is all about managing the cognitive load—the amount of your agents’ focus and attention—required by a conversation at any given time. The truth is, most interactions don’t require your agents’ full focus and attention. That means there is an opportunity to productively engage your agents’ remaining brainpower. Further, by reducing the cognitive load of each interaction, you can enable your agents to manage multiple conversations concurrently—all while preserving quality.

At ASAPP, we’ve designed our platform to support your agents and enable high concurrency. We do this through four tactics that substantially reduce cognitive load:

  • Micro-Process Automation

    The ASAPP platform exchanges information with your customers, drafts messages and summary notes, predicts needed content, and writes updates to other systems of record (like your CRM).

  • Flex-Concurrency AI

    Through machine learning, we’re able to monitor conversations to understand the level of engagement required by the agent based on many factors to dynamically shift concurrency up or down.

  • AI-Driven Intelligent Routing

    Sophisticated routing models match your customers with the best agents to meet their needs; agents who’ve solved similar problems before and are more efficient.

  • Highly Instrumented and Researched User Interface

    Optimized user interface designed to manage agents’ focus, reduce swivel-chair behavior, and help agents engage in concurrent conversations without missing a beat.

By applying the tactics and technologies above, we can drastically reduce the cognitive load of each customer conversation and free up their attention to handle multiple conversations at once.

Technology and Workforce Management’s Role in Driving Higher Concurrency and Throughput—Part 2

Mike Friedman is Head of Business Operations at ASAPP. In this role he works to improve the value and delivery of each ASAPP deployment. He has over a decade of experience spanning finance, technology and M&A. He holds an engineering degree from University of Michigan and studied Finance & Entrepreneurship at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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