Best-of-Breed vs. Omnichannel/CCaaS for the Digital Contact Center

Best-of-Breed vs. Omnichannel/CCaaS for the Digital Contact Center


Choosing the right CX software can be difficult. Learn how to think about choosing between a best-of-breed digital channel solution vs. an omnichannel solution.

Choosing the right CX software can be difficult. In this blog series, our goal is to give you helpful frameworks through which to think about how to purchase the right CX software to help your contact center improve customer experience, augment agent productivity, and reduce costs. (For a thorough breakdown of how to choose the right Transcription and Summarization Solutions, read our buyer’s guide here.)

This blog post covers how to think about acquiring the right Digital Customer Interaction Solution (DCIS) for your contact center. Should you choose a best-of-breed solution, specializing in digital channels, or an omnichannel/CCaaS solution, which offers both voice and digital channels?

Let’s dig in.

The Problem with the “All-in-One Solution”

Omnichannel Solutions, also commonly referred to as Contact Center-as-a-Service Solutions, offer an appealing promise: meet all your CX software needs across channels from just one vendor. The only problem? It’s rare to find an omnichannel solution that offers excellent technology for both voice and digital channels.

Most omnichannel solutions were built to optimize for voice channels and tacked on digital support only as an afterthought. As a result, omnichannel solutions tend to deliver subpar digital experiences, such as poor agent UX not optimized for chat workflows, limited bots, and low chat agent usage, frustrating both customers and agents. 

It’s difficult to encourage customers to transition to digital support when you don’t have the technology to make their digital experience as useful and delightful as possible. 

Of course, the lack of a comprehensive digital solution has significant consequences for your contact center’s operations. 

Digital interactions are 1.5x to 4x cheaper than voice interactions. Contact centers understandably want to shift their mix to increase digital support. But without a digital chat platform that can reliably satisfy customers, it can be difficult to change customer behavior and preferences.

In sum, omnichannel solutions present themselves as an all-around answer, but in reality, their digital support options are severely lacking. What they offer in perceived convenience, they often trade in effectiveness.

Below, we break down how to think about best-of-breed vs. omnichannel solutions:





Purpose-built to optimize for the digital experience

Purpose-built for traditional voice experiences with digital channels added as an afterthought and with little focus on meaningful differences between voice and digital experiences

Investment Priority

Because digital is a core competency, best-of-breed solutions prioritize  investment in their digital solutions to stay competitive

Because companies still have a high volume of voice interactions, digital omnichannel vendors divide investment focus between voice and digital 


With generative AI agents, best-of-breed AI-native DCIS solutions can enable digital concurrency of up to 4:1 interactions per agent

Most omnichannel solutions don’t (or can’t) achieve digital concurrency, limiting agents to 1:1 interactions

Power of Analytics

Digital channels produce exact transcripts of conversations, enabling more detailed analytics for  better visibility and decision-making.

Voice channels are necessarily limited in their ability to produce transcripts, limiting the resulting analytics and effectiveness.

Built for the Future

As people increasingly prefer interacting via digital channels, best-of-breed digital solutions are well-poised to offer the most powerful solutions for the channels people will increasingly turn to for support.

Without a focus on the digital experience, omnichannel vendors are at risk of falling behind in creating digital experiences customers can trust.

Interested in Learning More About Building a Digital-First Contact Center?

A digital-first contact center is essential to running a modern, efficient, and customer-friendly customer support operation.

Request a demo of ASAPP here to learn how ASAPP customers are:

  • Automating Tier 1 interactions
  • Experiencing happier, more productive agents
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Increasing revenue with contact center insights
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It’s natural to desire a single platform that can handle voice and digital contacts in one place. But there’s good reason to be skeptical of omni-channel platforms, too: by definition, omni-channel platforms lack specialization. It’s the classic jack of all trades, master of none problem. 

Worse, because voice is often more profitable to omni-channel vendors than digital, companies that offer omnichannel platforms often invest the bulk of their development resources in voice over digital, allowing their digital technology to lag behind.

As more customers look to digital to interact with companies, it’s more important than ever that you get digital right. Consider choosing a vendor who specializes in digital channels rather than a broader omni-channel approach.

Who is ASAPP?

ASAPP is the AI-native® software for contact centers.

We help customer service leaders unlock their full value by minimizing costs & inefficiencies, improving agent compliance & productivity, and surfacing actionable insights while helping you deliver a great customer experience.

Our customers are large enterprises who care deeply about leveraging AI to transform CX by delivering unprecedented cost savings and maximizing customer delight.

What do we make?

We make a full suite of AI-native solutions designed specifically for the needs and nuances of the CX industry.

Why we are the right partner?

We strive to be the best technology partner you have ever had. 

ASAPP is not new to the AI or the CX space. We have been building AI-native products for the contact center since 2014 and building our own LLMs since 2018. We invest heavily in our products and our workforce to bring our customers the best solutions on the market and the subject matter experts to ensure those customers are getting the maximum benefit. 

We offer white-glove service and insight into contact centers’ best practices across industries, and our consultative nature drives transformative results. ASAPP is laser-focused on business outcomes, data usability, and helping you realize your desired customer experience. 

If you are interested in how best-of-breed digital software for your contact center can benefit your organization, please click below to schedule a consultation:

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Omnichannel solutions present themselves as an all-around answer but in reality their digital support options are severely lacking. What they offer in convenience, they often trade in effectiveness.

Lane Hartman

Lane Hartman leads Content and Customer Marketing at ASAPP.

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