ASAPP Launches CoachingAI, A Generative AI Product to Fully Automate Quality Assurance for 100% of Contact Center Interactions

Personalized real-time coaching leads to a 2x acceleration in new agent time to proficiency.

NEW YORK, Aug. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ASAPP, the Generative AI company for contact centers, today introduced CoachingAI, a new product that automates the quality evaluation for 100% of contact center interactions, enabling supervisors and quality analysts to spend more time coaching their agents and less time evaluating them. CoachingAI is the latest in ASAPP’s suite of generative AI customer experience products, including AutoAssist, AutoCompose, AutoSummary, AutoTranscribe, GenerativeAgent, and the ASAPP Messaging platform, which major organizations like American Airlines, Dish, JetBlue, and other Fortune 100 companies across financial services, telco, and retail use to provide transform customer experience, reduce operating costs, and increase revenue.

Contact center agents comprise a significant portion of the U.S. workforce, and their attrition rate can reach 200%. In addition, organizations face a wide gap between high and low-performing agents (almost 3x), and the current technology solutions cannot address this problem. As a result, companies can spend upwards of $10,000 per hire and 90-180 days on average to bring new hires to a proficient level. CoachingAI enables contact center leadership to save costs related to attrition and helps agents perform better and faster, providing previously unavailable intelligence to transform the contact center operation.

Today’s contact center supervisors are tasked with coaching agents and improving overall performance but are spread too thin and lack sophisticated technology. Up to 50% of supervisor time is spent on manual reviews, leading to supervisors being able only to review between 1- 3% of interactions. CoachingAI closes this gap using a novel approach to score all aspects of customer interactions, including:

  • Automatic Compliance: Supervisors can evaluate every conversation using large language models (LLM) technology while eliminating the burden of tedious rule configuration by using auto-generated evaluation questions.
  • Topic Mastery: Gauge the accuracy of information being shared with customers by validating agent statements against knowledge base articles using generative AI models.
  • Tool Mastery: Identify where agents are struggling with their tools and find opportunities for workflow optimization or additional training.

“We hear repeatedly that contact center supervisors and quality analysts don’t have the bandwidth or tools to understand agent performance and identify opportunities for improvement fully. With thousands of daily conversations, it’s unrealistic for them to review every interaction. Using Generative AI, CoachingAI enables supervisors to provide highly personalized coaching for every agent.” said Rachel Knaster, ASAPP’s Chief Product Officer.

CoachingAI provides agents with the precise feedback they need to improve their key performance indicators (KPIs) immediately. With CoachingAI, contact center supervisors can expect a 100% reduction in manual scoring, a 2x decrease in time to proficiency, and a more than 10% reduction in agent attrition, all impacting the bottom line.

Through ASAPP’s AI research, CoachingAI joins ASAPP’s product suite of AI Services the company has released in the past year:

  • AutoAssist: An AI service that generates real-time agent assistance for every customer interaction with actionable prompts and automated agent workflows.
  • AutoTranscribe: An AI service that provides the market’s most accurate, real-time, speech-to-text transcription technology.
  • AutoCompose: an AI service that eliminates agent typing, automating up to 80% of agent responses and driving higher productivity, satisfaction, and concurrency.
  • AutoSummary: an AI service that fully automates after-call work and generates conversation summaries and analytics-ready data.

To learn more about ASAPP’s CoachingAI, visit the web page.


ASAPP is a research-based artificial intelligence cloud provider committed to solving how enterprises and their customers engage. Inspired by large, complex, and data-rich problems, ASAPP creates state-of-the-art AI technology that covers all facets of the contact center. Leading businesses rely on ASAPP's AI Cloud applications and services to multiply Agent productivity, operationalize real-time intelligence, and delight every customer. To learn more about ASAPP innovations, visit

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Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •