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Speech analytics

Get full value from the rich data from all your calls with customers

Your calls are a great source of data about customer care-abouts, operational efficiency, and CX performance. How do you turn all that data into meaningful and actionable insight?

Engage the power of our AI to transcribe and analyze every call in real time.

ASAPP - Gain insight to improve all your metrics

Gain insight to improve all your metrics

Get maximum value from any analytics by starting with highly accurate transcription. Our AutoTranscribe™ was created specifically for contact center conversations and is custom trained on the language of your business.

Engage JourneyInsight™ to understand in detail how agents serve customer needs. You can quickly see where automation can have the biggest impact. Plus, get real-time visibility into agent and team performance.

ASAPP will help you

Get accurate data from every call

Streamline operations with automation

Elevate agent performance

Improve overall throughput

This solution is supported by:


Analyzes agent activity in depth, identifies ways to streamline


Delivers highly accurate speech-to-text transcription.

Let us show you insights that will help you achieve breakthrough results

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