Key Features


Advanced Virtual Agent

A virtual agent that can handle tasks of a Tier 1 agent, toggle tasks to a human supervisor when needed, and manage multiple interactions with context-aware responses.


Automated Disposition Notes

Craft quality agent responses for digital messaging, reducing response time and increasing response accuracy.

Quality Agent Responses

Craft quality agent responses for digital messaging, reducing response time and increasing response accuracy.

In-depth Activity Analysis

Analyze agent activity in depth and provide insights into how agents spend their time to highlight areas for automation.


Make Every Agent Your Best with Real-Time AI Support

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Make Every Agent Your Best Agent

Our machine-learning models learn from your top-performing agents so all your agents receive the best support and guidance, in real-time.

Provide Better, Faster Support 

Increase the speed and accuracy of agent responses with AI. Make customers happier by helping them faster and with better results.

Improve Sales Productivity

Equip your agents with AI-driven tools to create effective responses and suggestions to convert customers and increase upsells.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Deliver superior customer service by equipping your agents with the best tools and insights.

How it works

From Learning to Real-Time AI Assistance

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Learning Phase

Our machine-learning models learn from your best agents and understand the best practices for helping your customer’s needs.


AI Integration

The insights feed our AI products to support agents in real-time.



Our GenerativeAgent™ acts as a virtual agent capable of handling tasks typically managed by Tier 1 agents.


AI Solutions for Support, Sales, and Training

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Customer Support Optimization

Enhance your customer support by providing agents with real-time guidance and automation tools to handle complex issues.

Sales and Upselling

Boost sales with AI-driven suggestions that help agents provide more relevant and persuasive recommendations.

New Agent Training

Speed up the training process for new agents with real-time support.

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280s saved per


73,000 workforce
hours saved

5x increase in
digital adoption

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Connect Seamlessly

ASAPP integrates seamlessly with various platforms and can be easily integrated through our robust API, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process.


We offer flexible pricing plans tailored to your needs. Contact sales to talk about pricing.

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What is GenerativeAgent™ and how does it improve agent productivity?

GenerativeAgent™ is an advanced virtual agent capable of handling tasks typically managed by Tier 1 agents. It uses generative AI to communicate like a human, handle multiple requests, and complete tasks via APIs. By autonomously determining which backend systems to use during an interaction, it significantly reduces the need for manual integration and configuration, thereby enhancing agent productivity.


How does GenerativeAgent™ ensure seamless escalation and support?

GenerativeAgent™ intelligently toggles questions and tasks to a human supervisor when needed, rather than escalating issues completely. This human-in-the-loop approach allows the supervisor to assist multiple calls simultaneously, ensuring continuous interaction and improved resolution times.


Can GenerativeAgent™ handle voice and chat interactions?

Yes, GenerativeAgent™ is available for both voice and chat interactions. It remembers conversation context like a human agent and can manage multiple, disparate questions or requests, providing a seamless experience across different communication channels.


How does GenerativeAgent™ increase the automation and containment ceiling?

GenerativeAgent™ is highly capable and can handle calls that would typically be escalated to human agents. This increases the automation and containment ceiling, allowing more interactions to be managed without human intervention, thus improving efficiency and reducing costs.


What makes GenerativeAgent™ different from traditional virtual agents?

Traditional virtual agents are often rigid and difficult to set up, relying on deterministic systems. GenerativeAgent™, however, uses generative AI, allowing it to work without predetermined flows. It autonomously determines which APIs and tools to access, learns from feedback, and is grounded in a customer’s knowledge base for safety and security.


How does GenerativeAgent™ prevent issues related to AI hallucination or harmful discussions?

GenerativeAgent™ is grounded in a customer’s knowledge base and APIs, ensuring it provides accurate and relevant information. This grounding helps prevent AI hallucinations and ensures the virtual agent does not discuss topics that could be harmful to the brand.


What support is available for implementing GenerativeAgent™?

We offer comprehensive support, including onboarding assistance, training, and ongoing technical support to ensure you get the most out of GenerativeAgent™ and other AI-powered solutions from ASAPP.