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ASAPP Platform

This is your machine learning foundation

Your ASAPP services and applications are fed by our platform’s robust machine learning engine. As you use them our ML models continuously learn and improve, specifically for your business.

You’ll get value from every individual service you deploy and even greater value when you use multiple services together. A network effect of machine learning between the services makes every one of them better.

Here’s how it works

Here’s how it works

We first learn from the best agents, mapping those Agent Journeys.

Here’s how it works

We use that to predict what every agent should say and do for the same intent.

Here’s how it works

We automate portions of the workflow for the agent.

Here’s how it works

We analyze what worked, what didn’t—based on your desired outcomes.

Here’s how it works

We retrain, remap, continuously learn…and get better and better.

Here’s how it works

We retrain, remap, continuously learn…and get better and better.

ASAPP—You get rich, usable data to inform operations, too

You get rich, usable data to inform operations, too

In addition to supporting agents by predicting what they need at every turn, the platform offers a wealth of data to feed broader analytics. All those interactions are the source for great insights about your customers’ needs, sentiment, and behaviors, agent performance, contact center operations, and opportunities for improving your efficiency and effectiveness. These are surfaced through our services and applications.

ASAPP—You get rich, usable data to inform operations, too
ASAPP—Modular Services

This self-fortifying system gets better with use

The ASAPP platform’s machine learning engines train on your data for your business. The data produced as you use your AI services feeds those engines on a continuous basis. The more services you deploy and the more you use them, the more they learn—and the better the results they return to all of your services.

AI Native® capabilities

We push the boundaries of AI with a focus on human performance

ASAPP—Platform Performance

The ASAPP platform was built from the ground up with AI as a core technology. We’re reimagining what’s possible when you apply the power of AI to real-world business problems in creative ways. Machine learning capabilities are the foundation for every service and application we offer. The purpose of our AI Native® platform is to augment human effort and automate workflows so people can do their jobs at the highest level.

We securely collect data from agent interactions with customers through the agent desk, transcripts, APIs, and the browser. Contact ID is the unit of analysis. Here are a couple example capabilities:

ASAPP—Platform Performance
ASAPP—Intent identification
Intent identification

A detailed understanding of intent is critical

The whole purpose of CX is to address customer needs, so the better you understand their reason for contact, the better you can fulfill that mission. We engage AI to discover intent, even identifying multi-turn events in a conversation. And, we are continuously learning, so quickly identify new intents. See our paper on this topic.

ASAPP—Workflow mining
Workflow mining

Analysis of conversations and action in context shows opportunities for automation

Automation can be integrated before, during, and after agent interactions to ease agent effort, in addition to supporting customer self-service. Our in-depth analysis of agent activity goes beyond screen grabs and event logs to identify candidates and define flows for successful automation.

ASAPP—Workflow mining

Fundamental research drives innovation

Our AI research team includes the largest collection of PhDs exclusively committed to finding new ways to transform customer experience. Their exploration is anchored in practical application as they work with the academic community to develop new algorithmic capabilities. Some of our areas of research are highlighted below. More detail about their work here.

Automatic speech recognition

Accuracy is key to feed AI services

You need highly accurate speech-to-text transcription to get maximum value from AI services for your call center. Our research team continuously develops our automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, and it ranks among the best in the world. See more about our transcription here.

Task-oriented dialog

Conversational AI is not enough

How do agents go about addressing customer needs? Hear from our Chief Scientist, Ryan McDonald, how we look beyond the conversation for a holistic view, in order to design better systems.

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