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Drive powerful performance gains by blending AI with human activity

Despite promises, bots have not replaced your agents. They’re still here–on the frontline with your customers, representing ~80% of the budget for most CX teams. They need help! Agent assist widgets are not enough. Empower your agents with applications that seamlessly integrate AI-driven automation into their workflows and dramatically improve performance.

It’s easy to get started and you’ll see immediate value. We’ll show you how.

Productivity goes up. Costs go down.
Both agents and customers are happier.

ASAPP—Agent Journeys
Agent Journeys

Learn their path. Analyze for patterns. Automate processes to help them

Discover all the steps an agent takes to address customers’ needs. Not just what they say, but the actions they take in other systems–in the context of each intent. Analyze where you have the most impactful opportunities to streamline.

“It automates time-consuming processes so I can focus on helping my customer.”

lena, customer service agent

ASAPP—Agent Journeys
ASAPP—Digital Interactions

Power your “grow digital” initiative with a modern messaging system

Meet your customers on digital channels and provide a great experience. You’ll build preference for this means of communication and grow loyalty to your brand. Our Messaging application brings together a robust suite of AI services with state-of-art asynchronous messaging functionality.

“The ASAPP system is fantastic. Colleagues love it. And most importantly of all, our customers love it as well.”

Jon Shaw, Head of UK Consumer Sales, Vodafone

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