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Automate away 70% of agent responses

Increase agent productivity by providing them AI-driven response suggestions throughout every conversation. AutoCompose cuts the time agents spend looking for information, thinking through responses, and typing, so they’re able to serve customers more quickly and accurately. Agents can very comfortably manage two, three, or more conversations at once. You can use AutoCompose with your existing messaging system and see immediate value.


Real productivity gains in messaging

Higher concurrency

Help agents easily serve more customers

Canned response libraries and basic agent assist do not move the productivity needle. AutoCompose predicts what agents need to say next and puts those responses right at their fingertips. Throughout every conversation it suggests responses they can use without typing. And, when they do type it suggests words and phrases mid-stream, and autocorrects words and grammar for them. They’re able to provide faster, more accurate responses with a lot less stress.

ASAPP—Continuous improvement
How it works

Get more benefit as AutoCompose continually learns

AutoCompose uses sophisticated machine learning to suggest the right responses your agents need at every turn of the conversation. This goes far beyond offering simple greetings and closings, supporting agents through the complexities at the core of the interaction. You get even greater benefit over time as it learns what your agents do to get the outcomes you want and surfaces better and better suggestions.

Fast ROI

Increase productivity and customer satisfaction

AutoCompose works seamlessly with leading messaging systems using standard integration points. Your agents will be able to work more efficiently from day one and readily handle increasing concurrency. As they address customer needs faster and more accurately your CSAT scores will increase and first call resolution (FCR) rates will go up, too. Request access to our documentation

The ASAPP difference

Your agents will love using AutoCompose

ASAPP AI-driven automation crafts messages for your agents as each conversation unfolds. They don’t have to hunt for information and the suggestions offered consider both the current interaction and past conversations, as well as each agent’s unique communication preferences. The result is that adoption is much higher than anything companies have seen for static tools. Agents use AutoCompose responses for as many as 7 out of 10 of their messages to customers.

Companies have opened chat/messaging channels with the expectation of increasing agent productivity, but have not seen material gains. Concurrency growth has stagnated. AutoCompose helps these agents be much more efficient in addressing customer needs. Higher quality responses, lower average handle time per chat and substantially faster message response times. All this contact center productivity, reduces callback rates, and improves customer satisfaction scores.

Yes. AutoCompose is pre-integrated with a number of leading chat/messaging systems, as well being available by SDK for integration into any system

The ASAPP machine learning model is trained on your data for your business outcomes. Then, advanced algorithms dynamically determine the best response suggestions as each conversation unfolds, working from both global and agent-specific response lists. As agents use AutoCompose the model learns and adapts. Suggestions get better and better. Responses can be governed by your team to ensure quality adherence.


Key capabilities

AI-driven response suggestions

Continuous learning improves suggestions

Responses for every part of the conversation

Fits within your existing messaging application

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