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We create new possibilities building with AI at the core.

ASAPP is a research-driven company focused on elevating enterprise performance with advances in AI that augment human activity and automate workflows.

No bolt-on AI modules

Radical transformation requires rethinking

While it seems that nearly every software company is sprinkling a little AI on their legacy offerings, ASAPP takes a very different approach.

We build software from the ground up with artificial intelligence as a foundational element.

This enables us to offer true innovation in meeting enterprise performance challenges. While bolt-on AI offerings may provide incremental improvements, our AI Native® technology has proven to deliver transformative results.

Radical transformation requires rethinking

No replacing humans

Humans are at the heart of performance

Humans are at the heart of performance

Too often the conversation is about automation replacing humans.

The real power of AI is in enabling people to perform better.

Our vision for our products is to give people the tools they need to do their jobs at the highest level. Peak personal performance translates to peak company performance – and our customers are able to set the bar higher and higher.

No rules programming

Self-learning engines predict what agents need now

Self-learning engines predict what agents need now

The problem with rule-based systems is that someone has to consider all the possibilities and program all those rules. And, they’re out of date as quick as their written.

Continuous learning creates continuous improvement.

The self-learning CXP platform operates without rules programming, so it’s always current – never brittle. And, as it works it identifies new opportunities to add to micro-automations to help your agents and continuously improve efficiency.

No copy and paste “innovation”

Breakthroughs are born out of research

Sometimes state-of-the-art doesn’t take things far enough to serve real-world commercial needs.

The ASAPP Research team is critical to our ability to unlock new capabilities and break new ground.

The largest collection of PhDs exclusively focused on advancing AI disciplines exclusively for customer experience performance, this team has a clear focus on practical application as they work with the academic community to develop new algorithmic capabilities.

Breakthroughs are born out of research

We’re regularly pushing the boundaries in machine learning, speech recognition, and natural language processing and understanding to drive real performance gains.

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