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Self-service insights

Let agent activity show you where automation can have the most impact

You know that some of your customer needs could be better served with automation. But, how do you determine what intents are best to automate? And, how do you build the right flows?

Engage the power of our AI to analyze exactly what your best agents say and do, and use that as your foundation.

ASAPP - Gain insight into every workflow

Gain insight into every workflow

The key to knowing how to use automation to increase efficiency is to first understand how needs are addressed now. What words are used? What actions does the agent take? What systems do they access? Are there nuances to the customers’ intents?

JourneyInsight™ will map in detail how agents serve customer needs in each situation. Then we analyze that activity to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and patterns to inform automation. In addition to enabling self-service, you can add automation within agent/customer interactions.

ASAPP will help you

Understand agent workflows in detail

Identify the best opportunities for self-service

Improve overall CX throughput

Improve overall throughput

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Analyzes agent activity in depth, identifies ways to streamline

Let us show you how to automate in a way your customers will love

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