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A world-class team pushing to advance the field of artificial intelligence and its incorporation into AI-Native products used by millions.


We want our work to advance fundamental research in AI, NLP and machine learning and to shorten the time from discovery to deployment. In addition to scientific progress in its own right, research also informs every aspect of our product and how our millions of users interact with ASAPP products every day. Having a leading research team allows us to achieve significant commercial milestones while remaining directly engaged with the academic community as we endeavor to advance the field.

How We Research

We invest in long term, often counterintuitive and high-risk research projects. This work advances understanding in our fields of interest and are valuable to ASAPP’s bold vision of applying machine learning to historically complex problems.

  • Our research focuses on our ambitious long-term goals.This vision is guided both by ASAPP's specific product goals as well as the collective scientific vision of our research group
  • We treat long-term research projects as a series of smaller steps, each of which can be deployed in live production to give us better understanding of a problem and data for the next steps
  • Members of the research group remain academically active. This happens via the publication of scientific results, both positive and negative, and via ongoing and open collaboration with the academic community
  • Members are actively encouraged to pursue their own research interests independent of ASAPP's research goals, and to publish their work in leading AI, ML and NLP conferences.
  • A diversity of scientific backgrounds, ideas and opinions is critical to our successful research culture and drives the most innovative outcomes for our clients

Some Selected Publications

Academic Advisors

Prof. Sam Bowman


Prof. Kyunghyun Cho


Prof. Karen Livescu

TTI-Chicago (TTIC)

Prof. Adler Perotte


Prof. Alexander Rush

Cornell Tech

Prof. Luke Zettlemoyer

University of Washington

Research Team

Sam Altschul, PhD

University of Chicago

Prof. Yoav Artzi

Cornell Tech

S.R.K. Branavan, PhD


Howard Chen

Cornell Tech

Hui Dai, PhD

University of Chicago

Ethan Elenberg, PhD

University of Texas – Austin

Anna Folinsky, PhD


Michael Griffiths


Kyu Han, PhD


Shawn Henry, PhD

University of Chicago

Arzoo Katiyar

Penn State University

Tao Lei, PhD


Nicholas Matthews


Karthik Narasimhan, PhD


Hugh Perkins


Ramon Prieto, PhD


Max Sperlich


Prof. David Sontag


Sida Wang, PhD


Prof. Kilian Q. Weinberger


Jeremy Wohlwend


Yi Yang, PhD

Georgia Tech

Lili Yu, PhD