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Gain insights powered by a 360 degree view of every workflow in your contact center

The key to performance improvement is understanding where you’re starting. Conversational AI is not enough. JourneyInsight maps your Agent Journeys™ so you know what agents say (their words) and what they do (their actions in various systems) in the context of the reason for contact (the customer’s intent) for every interaction.

ASAPP - JourneyInsight

Discover what intents and processes slow your agents down

ASAPP—Data capture
Data capture

Learn what it really takes to fulfill a customer’s need

We start by capturing agent actions across systems with an ASAPP plug-in. Pages visited. Clicks made. Words typed. Time spent. Then we match that up with transcripts and intent to get a full picture. SHA-256 encryption and automated PII removal keeps your data secure.


Apply data science to gain insight, take action

Your service includes a combination of initial custom analysis and ongoing reporting to help you continuously optimize operations. Identify critical bottlenecks in workflows and systems. Determine which intents are the highest priority for automation. Understand the behaviors of your best agents at scale, so you can incorporate into training for the rest of your agent population.

ASAPP—Flexible deployment
Flexible deployment

Set yourself up for continuous improvement

You can use JourneyInsight for both voice and digital environments. This service is fueled by AutoTranscribe™, to get the highly accurate speech-to-text transcripts you need for the very best analytics. Deploy it alongside your existing agent desk or implement it with ours. Whatever your implementation, you’ll benefit from machine learning done by models that are trained and tuned specifically for your business to deliver relevant insight for your business on an ongoing basis.

Customer finds and addresses inefficiencies

One company using JourneyInsight learned:

  • Agents had to use 12 tools on each call
  • Three processes accounted for the highest volume of call backs
  • Newer agents escalated calls 50% more often than tenured agents

ASAPP suggested changes resulted in a 14% decrease in escalations to experts and supervisors. This customer is excited to continue the cycle of analyze > improve > analyze to continuously optimize operations.


Key insights

Automate summarization of voice and digital interactions

Improve productivity and understand customers better

Count on high accuracy, fed by our real-time AutoTranscribe service

Export data to your analytics systems or use our services

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