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Transcribe every call with the world’s most accurate speech-to-text technology

You need highly accurate speech-to-text transcription to get maximum value from AI services for your contact center. AutoTranscribe delivers–in real time. Our research team continuously develops our automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, and it ranks among the best in the world. We train our model on your data, so it knows the language of your business–and its accuracy grows as you use it.

ASAPP - AutoTranscribe

Take advantage of some of the world’s best speech-to-text technology

LibriSpeech validation

Our speech technology competes with the best for accuracy

One way to measure accuracy is in academic tests, using standard high-fidelity voice recordings. In a head-to-head competition ASAPP edged out some of the biggest names in AI technology to take the top spot. And, we consistently score highly. This is a reflection of the innovations brought by the ASAPP AI Research team focused on speech-to-text technology.

ASAPP—Custom-trained model
Custom-trained model

Feed your analysis with more comprehensive conversation data

While there are many general transcription services, they’re not ideal for business use. Our service is designed exclusively for CX sales and service conversations. No dinner recipes or song requests in the training mix. And no generic models. We’ll train your model specifically on your data, the lexicon of your business, for your use.

ASAPP—Custom-trained model
ASAPP—Always improving
Always improving

Accuracy grows with use

The more you use it, the better your model gets. It continues to train solely on your conversations, learning and improving for your business. You get very different results than you’d get with a cloud providers’ shared model that trains on consumer interactions with consumer devices. Even if your data is included in their training pool it’s such a miniscule portion it won’t have an impact.

ASAPP—Multiply your benefit

Multiply your benefit

You’ll get value from every individual AI service you deploy. And, you’ll get even greater value when you use multiple services together. The network effect of using multiple AI services makes every one of them better for you.

ASAPP—Multiply your benefit

Key capabilities

Provides real-time speech-to-text transcription

Delivers highly accurate data to AI services

Trains on your data for your business

Continuously learns, improves with use

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