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Save agent time and get better disposition notes.

Get detailed analytics-ready data about every conversation with your customers–with nothing required of your agents. AutoSummary makes that possible by automatically generating highly accurate disposition notes for every interaction. You’ll save valuable time while freeing your agents from one of their most tedious processes. And you’ll gain access to a goldmine of information about your customers. Works for both voice and digital interactions.


Summarize calls and chats instantly, accurately, and automatically

ASAPP—For agents
For agents

Increase agent productivity by writing their notes for them

Free your agents from post-interaction wrap up. Automatically produce their summary notes without involving them. They can move on to helping the next customers quicker. And, they’ll likely be happier as they get to skip a step that most agents dread.

ASAPP—For analysis
For analysis

Feed your analysis with more comprehensive conversation data

Through innovations in data science we turn unstructured conversation data into highly accurate, structured data–automatically. You get the output you need to apply analytics and gain a clear understanding of your customers’ motivations for contact and their experiences with you. You’ll also be able to elevate agent coaching, as you have more detail about what happened in every customer interaction.

ASAPP—For analysis
ASAPP—Flexible deployment
Flexible deployment

Grow usage, increase accuracy, and advance productivity

  • Export summaries instantly to your CRM system and reporting systems.
  • Get this as a stand-alone service, use it in combination with others, or get it as part of our Digital Interactions application.
  • Determine whether you make visible to agents or not, depending on your business goals.

Key Capabilties

Automate summarization of voice and digital interactions

Improve productivity and understand customers better

Count on high accuracy, fed by our real-time AutoTranscribe service

Export data to your analytics systems or use our services

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