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Automate call summaries for 100% of your customer interactions

Cut AHT and get the intelligence to grow revenue and improve your products. Use ASAPP AutoSummary to automatically summarize every call and chat interaction.

ASAPP - AutoSummary

Summarize calls and chats instantly, accurately, and automatically

ASAPP - Receive summaries via API in your choice of applications
How it works

Receive summaries via API in your choice of applications

Simply send your call or chat transcripts to the AutoSummary API and get summaries in return. Request access to our API documentation.

ASAPP - Eliminate manual summary costs, get real value from your data
Fast ROI

Eliminate manual summary costs, get real value from your data

Conversation summaries are expensive, but immensely valuable when done right. Cut the cost and improve the quality while achieving insights like you’ve never seen before.

ASAPP - Eliminate manual summary costs, get real value from your data
ASAPP - Two summary types
Two summary types

You get both easily readable and analytics-ready summaries

AutoSummary provides two types of summaries:

  • A free-text summary in paragraph form that is easy for agents and leaders to read
  • A structured summary that is perfect for your BI tools to perform analytics and gain insights into operational efficiency, revenue growth, and product improvement opportunities.
The ASAPP difference

Designed for the contact center, trained on your data

ASAPP AutoSummary machine learning models are developed specifically for contact center use and are trained on your data for your business outcomes. That means you’ll get highly accurate summaries that reflect your customer interactions. And only ASAPP AutoSummary provides summaries in two forms – one for your agents and leaders to read as call notes and one for your analytics systems to derive organization–wide insights.

Companies use AutoSummary for several reasons. It is costly to have agents summarize manually, and notes are inconsistent in content and quality. But, if companies forgo summarization they miss out on the valuable data available in all their customer interactions. Automating summarization ensures they have a high quality summary of every conversation. Agents can use summaries to get up to speed in the case of repeat contact or transfers. Supervisors can use summaries to quickly understand what happened in a conversation. Plus, analytics on this data can provide valuable insights for the business.

AutoSummary works for call or chat conversations. To ensure accurate summaries, speech-to-text call transcripts must be high quality. We’re happy to evaluate your transcripts for this purpose. You may also consider our AutoTranscribe service, which provides the most accurate contact center speech-to-text transcription on the market.

AutoSummary provides summaries via API to any
application you choose. Check our documentation for details on our APIs.

Yes. Summaries are made available via API, so you can integrate them into your agent desk if you choose.


Key capabilities

Automate summarization of voice and digital interactions

Improve productivity and understand customers better

Count on high accuracy, fed by our real-time AutoTranscribe™ service

Export data to your analytics systems or use our services

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Learn more about AutoSummary

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