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Get easy-to-deploy AI services and applications built on our AI Native® platform

AI Services

Choose from a library of services designed to improve contact center efficiency


Advance key initiatives with comprehensive applications

Agent Journeys™

Analyze the path they take, then help them with automation

Discover what it really takes for an agent to address customers’ needs. Not just what they say, but the actions they take in other systems–in the context of each intent. Then, help your agents by automating portions of their workflow.

“I’m able to help customers so much faster.”

lena, customer service agent


Move beyond basic chat. Get AI-powered digital messaging

As more and more customer conversations take place over digital channels, make sure you’re providing a great experience. Engage the power of AI to increase efficiency, improve effectiveness, and grow customer satisfaction–at the same time.

“The ASAPP platform is the foundation of our digital customer experience.”

Kathy Schneider, SVP, DISH Customer Experience Operations

ASAPP Platform
AI Native® technology

Engage powerful AI Native® technology to change what’s possible

These AI services and applications are fed by our robust machine learning engine. As you use your services this engine continuously learns your business, so our ML models get better and better. You’ll get value from every individual AI service you deploy. And, you’ll get even greater value when you use multiple services together, a network effect making every one of them better.

ASAPP Platform
Industry focus

Elevate the performance of your CX teams

At their best, your agents can be skilled problem solvers, positive brand representatives, and capable revenue generators. Plus their interactions with your customers can provide a wealth of data to help you increase efficiency and effectiveness. Engage the power of AI to support them in getting it right.

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