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A more reliable AI platform. See why CX leaders & agents love ASAPP.

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Stable platform driving maximum productivity
Automated agent responses with 1-click
Custom insights extracted from structured data
Ongoing customer support & guidance
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Frequent outages & platform instability
Basic suggested auto-responses, outside of chat box
Free text summaries with no customization
“Underwhelming customer support” -Verified G2 Review

How does ASAPP compare

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User Experience

Industry-leading UX and
agent adoption

Clunky for agents, reducing adoption


Clear, simple pricing model based on interaction volume

Complicated pricing model with multiple add-ons


Automated agent responses at every turn of the conversation and fluency-boosting capabilities, like spelling and grammar checks and brand terminology enforcement

Simple Auto-complete

AI Technology

AI Native® from inception

Bolted-on AI to “check the box”

Routing capabilities

Complex dynamic routing and flexible concurrency

Simple standard routing capabilities

Insights & Summarization

Targeted free text summaries & structured data

Basic free text summaries with limited insights


Ongoing optimization, support, and customer roadmap influence

“We needed to find an agile, collaborative partner to help us engage with our customers in the channels where they want to interact with American Airlines. ASAPP is that partner, and we’ve seen customer engagement improve since launch.” - Julie Rath, VP of Customer Experience and Reservations, American Airlines

“Underwhelming customer support. Not responding to emails, dodging important questions about the robustness of their backend and security, and ultimately ignoring a request for confirmation of termination. Very poor performance from the product and legacy UX.” - From a G2 review

Real Results, Real Fast

F100 Insurance Company

In a span of just one month, the ASAPP platform seamlessly replaced LivePerson across two business units, effectively serving four distinct channels.

“This is a huge milestone and a stellar accomplishment in our journey to transform from voice-based interaction to proactive and reactive chat. This new relationship also provides us opportunity to uniquely, manage our chat platform and BPO labor relationship to its fullest potential and deliver a state-of-the-art customer experience.” - Chief CX Officer

Real Results, Real Fast
ASAPP Partners - JetBlue

280s saved per


73,000 workforce
hours saved

5x increase in
digital adoption

Real Results, Real Fast

F500 Insurance Company


Within 30 days of deploying the ASAPP messaging platform, they achieved a 61% augmentation rate and a 28% increase in throughput.

Why make a switch from LivePerson to ASAPP?

ASAPP Messaging was built with generative AI at its core for transformative agent performance.
Seamless customer control and powerful analytics for supervisors.

Each user experience is as thoughtfully designed as each component.

A premium platform built for exceptional enterprises

*For a limited time, ASAPP is offering credits for free months of service to qualified LivePerson customers entering new agreements with ASAPP for digital messaging services.

This offer is subject to terms and conditions. To qualify, company must have valid proof of current LivePerson agreement. Credit amounts are to be determined based on committed fees and interactions, term length, migration details, and additional due diligence.

Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •
Transform your enterprise with generative AI • Optimize and grow your CX •