Key Features

Live Dashboards

Our live dashboards offer full visibility into current agent performance. Provide your agents with real-time coaching alerts based on the metrics that matter most to you. Quickly assess performance and make immediate adjustments.

Automated Dispostion Notes

Automatically create high-quality, detailed disposition notes. Allow your agents to focus on customer interactions while maintaining accurate records.

In-depth Activity Analysis

Pinpoint areas of improvement and streamline your operations by thoroughly analyzing your agent activity.


Improve Customer Service with AI-driven insights and Historical Data

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Proactively Address Quality Issues

Identify and resolve quality issues as they happen. Maintain high standards of service by preventing small problems from becoming larger ones.

Serve Customers Better

Provide faster, more accurate resolutions by leveraging AI-driven insights. Generate a higher customer satisfaction rating and loyalty to your brand.

Deeper Insights with Historical Data

Utilize historical data to analyze trends and spot anomalies. Gain a deeper understanding of operational performance for long-term improvements.

How it works

Use Historical Data to Spot Trends and Improve Agent Performance

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Real-time Analysis

Our AI analyzes every interaction as it happens. Receive immediate feedback and coaching opportunities to improve your agent performance.


Comprehensive Summarization

AutoSummary™ generates detailed notes from each customer interaction. It provides you with the insights you need without burdening agents with administrative tasks.


Trend Analysis

Leverage historical data to identify patterns and correlations. Guide strategic decisions for your business and make continuous improvement.


Enhance Quality in Real-Time with Instant Coaching

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Improve Quality on
the Spot

Monitor agent performance in real-time and provide instant coaching to address issues as they arise. 

Long-term Strategic Improvements 

Analyze historical data to identify trends and areas for improvement. Guide long-term initiatives and boost overall customer service performance.

Proactive Quality Management

Utilize AI-driven insights to manage quality. Ensure consistency and maintain a high level of customer service to drive customer loyalty.

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280s saved per


73,000 workforce
hours saved

5x increase in
digital adoption

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How does GenerativeAgent™ improve quality management?

GenerativeAgent™ enhances real-time monitoring by handling routine tasks for your agents. With AI-native® integrations it improves performance and quality management automatically.


How does AutoSummary™ enhance quality management?

AutoSummary™ creates detailed, accurate disposition notes. It allows you to hold precise quality assessments and frees your agents to focus on customer service.