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Radically increase agent productivity with the only platform that intelligently augments their activity.

Count on a different approach to deliver very different results.

Get maximum value from your AI initiative 
by working with a team that is in continuous learning mode — challenging scientific limits in the interest of addressing real business problems.

Instead of pushing your valued customers away, we’ll help you optimize the performance of every agent — radically improving your throughput while delighting your customers.

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Achieve breakthrough results in contact center productivity by choosing a solution that has AI at the core. No bolt-on module comes close to delivering what’s possible with the ASAPP platform.

Our AI-Native technology augments your agents, guiding them in what to say and what to do, and automating routine tasks based on ongoing machine learning.

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Empower every agent on your team with the know-how of your very best agents in a way that’s far more effective — and a lot less grueling — than rules-based programming.

Count on real-time learning from every conversation, every action, and every outcome across channels to inform every agents’ interaction with your customers. Dramatically increase efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

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