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Transforming and innovating the customer experience—My journey comes full circle as ASAPP Chief Experience Officer

By Michael Lawder
Chief Experience Officer, ASAPP

ASAPP—Transforming and Innovating the Customer Experience—My Journey Comes Full Circle as ASAPP Chief Experience Officer

Today, after spending almost 25 years running customer service and experience teams for large brands like Apple, Samsung, and EA, I joined ASAPP, a truly amazing company transforming customer experiences and innovating contact center operations with next generation, AI-powered software.

Why join an enterprise software provider after being a practitioner for so long? It’s an interesting next step in my own personal journey starting at Apple where I realized that the role of an agent is one of the most important jobs at any company, as they are the voice of your brand.


I met ASAPP CEO Gustavo Sapoznik and the team at ASAPP late last year, and was genuinely shocked to find a company that delivers on the promise of transforming customer experience. What other companies said they were working on or thinking about, ASAPP had already built. And not just built…but built well, paying attention to every last detail of the experience for both customers and agents, bringing true innovation to the technology that powers this industry in a way that I have not seen in 25 years.

It turns out that helping enable other companies to deliver best-in-class experiences vs. leading an operation directly is two sides of the same coin. Plus the people, the culture, and the product here at ASAPP speaks to the heart of a company and what truly matters. It’s why I am here.

Michael Lawder

I look forward to helping companies deliver best-in-class customer experiences.

I’m excited for this next part of the journey into the customer experience. While these remain uncertain and challenging times for people—including everyone in the customer experience industry—it’s an opportunity for change and growth in these moments of truth. This new normal is forcing all of us to think differently and businesses have the opportunity to address underlying challenges and build strategies and plans to survive and thrive through these times. I joined ASAPP because I’ve seen how powerful its artificial intelligence capabilities are in driving innovative and new customer experiences—including remote agents—and how critical this technology will become in transforming the way customer service and experience operate, now and in the future.

As ASAPP is a fundamental research-driven organization, I’ll be tackling opportunities to combine the best ingredients businesses will need in the future to build a best-in-class customer experience team that allows them to outpace their competitors.

For the first time, companies don’t have to sacrifice high-quality experiences in the name of reducing costs and I’ve been inspired by the leadership and team here at ASAPP. We’re on a journey to help every company deliver awesome customer experiences and radically increase agent productivity.

Let’s get started!

Michael Lawder is Customer Experience Officer at ASAPP.

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