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Transcend the limitations (and pain) of rules-based programming.

Power your team with self-learning engines and count on far better outcomes.

Learns what
your best agents
say and do

Uses learning to
guide every
interaction in real time

Automates routine
tasks and drafts
disposition notes

Engage machine learning to push your productivity to unheard of heights.

You’ve heard a lot of buzz about AI in the contact center. So much of it is focused on replacing agents with chatbots. Or using analytics to inform manual programming of next-best-action rules.

While both may give you small lift, neither comes close to what’s possible with AI.

ASAPP is different. Our AI Native® platform was designed explicitly to make people better. Most customers still prefer human interaction to engaging with a bot – but these interactions are complex. We provide sophisticated machine learning to optimize these interactions – and drive real productivity gains for your business.

ASAPP self-learning engines will:
Train machine learning models by analyzing what works – and what doesn’t – by using the rich data available from all of your interactions.

Learn continuously and seamlessly—both from the team and from the individual agent—as your agents go about doing their jobs.

Provide intelligent up-to-the moment guidance on what your agents should to say and do in each interaction.

Identify opportunities to automate routine tasks in line with the interaction. Plus, draft disposition notes for your agents’ quick review and editing.

ASAPP - Rules-based guidance only takes you so far.
ASAPP - Rules-based guidance only takes you so far.

Rules-based guidance only takes you so far.

Your best agents have a wealth of knowledge that feeds their successful outcomes. It makes sense that you’d want to capture that knowledge to inform all the other interactions with your customers.

But a rules-based system – whether it feeds chatbots or humans – only captures a fraction of that knowledge.

The ASAPP Customer Experience Performance (CXP) platform captures a full set of data – everything your agents say and everything they do in every interaction – whether phone, chat, or text. Our self-learning engines continuously train using that data so we can provide agents with the right words to say and actions to take throughout every interaction.

ASAPP - Both conversation and action matter

Both conversation and action matter

It’s not just what your agents say. The actions they take matter too. Do they access another system? Pull a specific knowledge base article? Point the customer to something on the internet?

The CXP platform captures entire Agent Journeys™ as it self-learns nuanced customer intent and your best responses. It learns from customer actions too – noting if there’s follow-up contact from the customers with the same issue, for example, indicating a less-than ideal outcome for that first call.

Your agents get AI-driven predictions of what to say and what to do in each moment to drive the best outcome.

ASAPP - Both conversation and action matter
ASAPP - Accelerate with integrated automation
ASAPP - Accelerate with integrated automation

Accelerate with integrated automation

In addition to guiding your agents, the platform proactively automates routine tasks.

As it learns from both the team and the individual agent, the platform offers auto-pilot capabilities for common activities like updating address information or collecting payment. Your agent can move forward to resolution faster – ramping your productivity and delighting your customers at the same time.

Automation help with disposition notes too. The platform suggests tags based on the conversation, which your agent can accept or edit. Notes get done faster and are more consistent and complete than when agents have to manually compile. That boosts your team’s productivity, too.

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