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Put the power of research-driven innovation to work to optimize your customers’ experience.



Increase agent
efficiency and


Your business needs inform our research.

Sometimes the state-of-the-art doesn’t take things far enough to serve real-world commercial needs. Our foundational research team has a clear focus on practical application as they work with the academic community to push the current limits and advance the field of AI.

ASAPP - Speech Recognition
ASAPP - Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Most customer interactions are still by phone – so you need real-time speech transcription in order to apply AI. The contact center presents plenty of challenges – with 2-way conversation, inconsistent quality of connections, background noise, accents, and more. Our team is on it.

Our innovations have been recognized as among the world’s best at global Speech Recognition contest LibriSpeech.

ASAPP - Natural Language Processing and Understanding

Natural Language Processing and Understanding

To make sense of all those interactions you need NLP models and algorithms that can run at scale, understand and power human conversations, and self-improve from user feedback.

Our full array of models include sentiment analysis, next step prediction, knowledge base information retrieval, and content summarization — a full suite of NLP services to truly augment the effectiveness of your agents.

ASAPP - Natural Language Processing and Understanding
ASAPP - Machine Learning
ASAPP - Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine learning with a clear focus on improving the customer experience sets a new paradigm: higher productivity + increased customer satisfaction.  Massive volumes of data and cutting-edge ML algorithms provide rapid training, continuous learning, and measurable improvement.

Repetitive tasks (like capturing customer info) are learned and automated without custom code or heavy integration. Agent and automation work in concert to provide the best outcomes in the shortest time.

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