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Get breakthrough improvement only possible with AI Native® technology.

Built from the ground up to intelligently augment your people.

far beyond any
bolt-on AI

Self-learning engines
fed by humans
in the loop

The next wave of
revolutionary change
in how we work

Make a radical leap forward with AI Native® technology.

You know the frustration. The technology you use to interact with your customers isn’t keeping pace with modern expectations. It’s incremental, painful to deploy, and generally provides poor experience.

ASAPP AI Native® technology is different. It was designed explicitly to make people better. And since most customers still prefer human interaction to engaging with a bot – this is where you can realize real productivity gains for your business.

ASAPP AI Native® technology:
Puts algorithmic capability at the core of our platform architecture and design and every solution we deliver.

Creates a natural and ongoing feedback loop between machine learning and agent activity.

Makes your agents better by augmenting them with guidance on what to say and do – and automating routine tasks.

ASAPP - ‘Bolt-on’ intelligence has a low ceiling.
ASAPP - ‘Bolt-on’ intelligence has a low ceiling.

‘Bolt-on’ intelligence has a low ceiling.

Just like you can’t strap wings on a train to make it fly, you can’t bolt on “magic AI” to legacy platforms to make them do something they weren’t designed to do.

If you settle for bolt-on AI you’ll miss the real opportunity this technology presents: To create transformative change.

The ASAPP Customer Experience Performance (CXP) platform is built from the ground up to leverage new algorithmic capabilities. Our solutions have AI at the core, using real-time machine learning to augment your agents as they interact with your customers. The potential outcomes for your business transcend anything you’ve seen before.

ASAPP - Seamlessly leverage the human in the loop.

Seamlessly leverage the human in the loop.

Your legacy enterprise software lacks both underlying machine learning capabilities and the appropriate data on which to learn – so you can’t expect it to deliver the kind of breakthrough outcomes that come with well-implemented AI.

ASAPP is deployed where your customers and your workforce meet – in phone, chat, and text – gathering a rich set of data on both what’s being said and what actions are being taken – entire Agent Journeys™. The platform creates a first-of-its-kind feedback loop. As your agents use the platform, they train it to continuously improve, generating ever better predictive suggestions and automation, even greater usage, and transformational outcomes.

ASAPP - Seamlessly leverage the human in the loop.
ASAPP - AI Native® is the next chapter.
ASAPP - AI Native® is the next chapter.

AI Native® is the next chapter.

The future of work demands a platform that enables a powerful collaboration between people and machines.

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