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Quality management

Get visibility and insight to elevate agent performance

It’s not possible to get an accurate perspective on agent performance by reviewing a sampling of audio or screen recordings. And, you can’t drive meaningful change with feedback delivered long after the fact.

Engage the power of our AI to see how agents and teams are performing—in real time.

ASAPP - Analyze every interaction as it happens

Analyze every interaction as it happens

Our live dashboard gives you full visibility into what’s occurring right now and provides real-time coaching alerts. It’s tuned to the metrics that matter most to you, so you can quickly assess performance. Notes from automated summarization add detail on how each agent serves needs.

Plus, historical data from every conversation provides the opportunity for deeper insight. Analyze intents, spot trends, see correlations between different variables, and more to inform operations and performance improvements.

ASAPP will help you

Improve performance across your teams

Proactively address quality issues

Serve customers better, increase satisfaction

Increase agent engagement and retention

This solution is supported by:


Creates high-quality disposition notes automatically


Analyzes agent activity in depth, identifies ways to streamline

And, by our Messaging application.

Let us show you how you can uplevel your quality management program

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