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Gain insight to inform business decisions. Apply analytics to your everyday customer interactions.

Listen to what your customers are telling you — in digital and voice channels. You have a rich set of data.

Apply analytics to spot themes and trends
Use deep insight to optimize your customer engagement program, products, operations, and more.

Your customers are talking. Are you listening? Every comment, every action tells you what’s working, what’s not, and how to better serve them.

Surveys are not real-time, nor comprehensive enough to make the data actionable. Few customers complete them.

Anecdotal commentary and one-off studies give you a very limited view of what your customers are saying.

There is real gold in the millions of interactions you have with your customers. ASAPP can help you mine actionable insight to inform your strategy.

Capture 100% of customer interactions

Move beyond surveys (that scant few customers complete) and ad-hoc analysis. Get very real voice of the customer insight by analyzing interactions across digital and voice channels.

Learn from robust integrated data

Take advantage of macro and micro analysis of asynchronous customer journeys across automation, workforce management, sentiment, and outcome metrics and segments. Use integrated custom partner parameters and outcomes for meaningful context.

Detect trends in real time

Get a pulse on how customers view you, at this exact moment in time. See how that changes over time and take action.

Navigate large data sets with an intuitive and lightning fast interface

Quickly and easily make sense of data-rich information with powerful analysis tools to discover true insight.


Every customer interaction provides signals about the health of the relationship. These have largely been ignored as — until now — we’ve lacked the technology to interpret them.


Gain actionable insight by analyzing the rich data available in customer interactions to clearly understand what your customers are saying.

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