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Agent efficiency

Help your agents be their best. Increase efficiency, reduce costs

Automation hasn’t eliminated the need for agents. They’re still here—expected to serve increasingly complex customer needs. You want them to be quick and accurate in their communication to deliver the best outcomes.

Engage the power of our AI to integrate automation into their workflows and achieve significant performance gains.

ASAPP - Learn, analyze, and continuously optimize

Learn, analyze, and continuously optimize

Our machine learning models learn from your best agents, what to say and do to address customers needs. Then these models feed our AI services to support all of your agents in being their best.

For example:

  • AutoCompose crafts messages for the agent reducing response time and increasing accuracy.
  • AutoWorkflow handles routine tasks for the agent, doing things like collecting information and putting it in the right system.
  • AutoSummary crafts analytics-ready disposition notes for the agent.
  • CoachingInsight enables leaders to provide timely feedback to agents who need help.
  • JourneyInsight gives you an understanding of where your people spend their time and illuminates where automation can make the biggest impact

You can use these services individually or in combination.

ASAPP will help you

Make every agent your best agent

Provide better, faster support

Improve sales productivity

Increase customer satisfaction

This solution is supported by:


Crafts quality agent responses for digital messaging


Automates time-consuming tasks for agents during interactions


Creates high-quality disposition notes automatically


Analyzes agent activity in depth, identifies ways to streamline


Provides real-time visibility, tools to guide agent performance

And, by both our Digital Interactions and Agent Journeys applications.

Let us show you how you can dramatically improve agent efficiency

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