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Agent Journeys

Learn in detail how agents address each issue, then help them with automation

Understand what it really takes for an agent to address customers’ needs. Not just what they say, but the systems they access and the actions they take–in the context of each intent. Analyze where you have the most impactful opportunities to streamline. Then, help your agents by automating portions of their workflow.

ASAPP—Set your path for performance improvement

Set your path for performance improvement

Count on our Agent Journeys™ application to set a clear path for continuous performance improvement and help you achieve your goals. Gain a detailed understanding of what your agents say and do to help your customers for each intent. Then put that insight into action by integrating automation into their workflows and identifying tasks that can be fully automated. This application includes a trio of AI services.

ASAPP—Set your path for performance improvement

Get the best insights by starting with highly accurate speech-to-text transcription

Basic voice call transcription just isn’t good enough for critical business applications. Feed your analysis and automation with technology designed specifically for the contact center and customized for you. We’ll train our model on your interactions, so it learns your company’s unique vocabulary, and accuracy continuously improves over time. Available in real-time, while the call is in progress, or after the call is done. More detail.


Map the steps your agents take to serve customers’ needs

Discover what your best agents are doing as well as saying. Where is time spent? What systems do they access and what actions do they take? How can you streamline? What can you automate? What best practices should you extend to other agents? You’ll get a combination of initial custom analysis and ongoing reporting to help you continuously optimize operations. More detail.


Put insight into action and help your agents by automating workflows

Reduce agent effort and speed time to resolution by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks before, during, and after conversations. For example, you can collect information and add it to the right systems automatically. Your agents can focus on more complex aspects of their interactions and better manage concurrent contacts. More detail.

Agent Journeys

Key Values

Maps what agents say and do across systems

Provides detailed intent classification

Analyzes and reports optimization opportunities

Automates tasks within the agent workflow

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