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Why agent assist isn’t enough

ASAPP—What is agent assist?

What is agent assist?

Most vendors use “agent assist” to describe a feature that takes the intent of a call and returns information to help answer that request. This is typically delivered as a suggested response or knowledge base article, using a combination of basic machine learning and lots of manual scripting.

ASAPP—What is agent assist?
ASAPP—Why that doesn’t drive results
ASAPP—Why that doesn’t drive results

Why that doesn’t drive results

All this “agent assist” really does is save agents search time. While useful to some degree, automating this small portion of the workflow won’t have a significant impact on agent productivity. You’re just adding another tool and a dash of AI to your outdated system.

ASAPP—A better way to support agents

A better way to support agents

For radical performance gains, you need capabilities built on AI from the ground up—designed specifically to support agents at each turn of every interaction. The ASAPP suite of AI services and applications:

  • Help agents accomplish tasks in the most efficient way possible, automating processes to reduce workload
  • Actively learn from agent words and actions to predict the best way to handle any intent—without relying on manual scripting or heavy administration
  • Integrate sophisticated AI into every aspect of the agent’s workflow to dramatically boost productivity
ASAPP—A better way to support agents

What ASAPP delivers that agent assist can’t

AI-driven automation

Automate routine tasks throughout every interaction, augmenting agent capabilities while significantly reducing workload.

Robust response crafting

Dynamic response assistance predicts exactly what to say to best serve customers’ needs, constantly adapting as the conversation transpires.

Automated summary notes

Summary notes are drafted as the interaction unfolds, reducing after-call work and saving agent time.

Flexible concurrency

Advanced algorithms set concurrency dynamically for each agent to maximize productivity without overwhelming them.

Self-learning knowledge

Machine learning models continuously analyze each agent journey, examining everything they say and do, to learn what works based on your best agents.

Agent-first support with research-driven UI

ASAPP researches exactly how agents do their job and how to improve every aspect of it, resulting in dedicated interfaces designed exclusively by and for service agents (that they’ll actually use).

Here’s what’s possible when you move beyond rudimentary agent assist

AI-driven automation

ASAPP automates routine tasks before, during, and after conversations, from collecting customer information to timing out those who drop off. Eliminating tedious portions of agents’ workload enables them to focus on more complex issues and better manage concurrent contacts.

Robust AI-driven suggested responses

AutoCompose provides dynamic message recommendations at every turn of the conversation, including full response suggestions agents can use without typing. This service cuts crafting time in half, boosting efficiency with features such as custom response libraries for each agent, as well as phrase auto-complete and auto-correct to help ensure accurate, effective responses.

Automated conversation summary

Our AutoSummary service generates highly accurate disposition notes for both calls and chats with zero effort from agents—improving productivity by enabling them to skip after-call work. Even more, our proprietary two-step tagging technique provides detailed, structured data that can be instantly exported to your BI tool for analysis and your CRM for reference on future calls.

Flexible agent concurrency

To keep agents from being overwhelmed, advanced algorithms can dynamically set concurrency levels for each team member based on parameters such as experience, customer sentiment, and issue complexity. The model also ranks the urgency of different tasks in an agent’s queue, showing them exactly where to focus their attention.

Self-learning knowledge system

Our services are powered by advanced AI that learns from each interaction to create an organic, evolving repository of knowledge. Machine learning models analyze the activity of every agent to see what the best ones are doing, constantly identifying ways to improve suggestions and maximize agent efficiency—without additional work on their end.

Intuitive support agents love

Each of our modular services was designed from the start with agents in mind, informed by leading UX and AI research. ASAPP technology enables personalized support at every stage of customer interactions, continually refining to deliver the best experience possible for frontline teams.

Empower your agents to be their best with ASAPP

Our goal at ASAPP is to elevate human performance by applying AI innovations to every step of the Agent Journey™. Learn what’s possible when you support your agents with services built from the ground up on AI Native® technology.

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