Macario Namie

Macario Namie

Macario Namie, Marketing

To realize Forrester’s vision of conversational intelligence, a human focus is needed.

Forrester Research names ASAPP among the leading conversational intelligence providers, recognition for delivering CX performance improvements at scale. Read more

Gartner Recognizes ASAPP for Continuous Intelligence in CX

Gartner names ASAPP as a “Cool Vendor” for 2021, recognizing the company’s work at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and customer experience (CX). Read more

Do surveys or sample recordings give you enough VoC?

Surveys and call recordings only give you part of the picture. Get richer Voice of the Customer data by analyzing every word of every conversation using machine learning. Watch now

Why your digital messaging platform is failing you

Messaging platforms may all seem the same—but legacy technology can’t deliver the breakthrough results that you’d get with a fully AI-driven system. Read more

Generic transcription models yield generic results

Get more value from speech transcription, with ML models tuned specifically to your business. Analyze every call in real time—and take immediate action on insights. Watch now

If you’re missing the signals you’ll likely miss the sale

Close more sales by knowing exactly what to say and when to say it. Engage AI to monitor signals, predict how to get your best results. Watch now

How AI gives your agent superpowers

Serve customers on both voice and digital channels much more efficiently. Engage the power of AI to advance CX performance as well as customer satisfaction. Watch now

What’s so different about the ASAPP approach to customer experience?

Great customer experience shouldn’t be luck-of-the-draw—did you reach a good agent? ASAPP makes every agent your best agent. Watch now

The false imperative of customer service automation

Customers talking to agents is not a failure of automation. But thinking that the sole use of automation is to keep customers away from agents is a failure of the imagination. See what’s possible. Read more