Gustavo Sapoznik

Gustavo Sapoznik

Gustavo Sapoznik is the CEO of ASAPP.

Our big product visions are unlocked by our deep research capabilities

ASAPP has an innovative vision for how to solve CX performance problems. To achieve this vision, our research team continually pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in AI. Watch now

A very different perspective on customer experience

Create a persistent relationship with your customers across channels, meet them with context however they contact you. And, empower every agent to serve them best. Watch now

Increasing human productivity is key to transforming CX

True CX innovation requires a focus on the agents who interact with your customers all day. Watch now

Real results in weeks—not months (or years!)

Frustrated by legacy contact center technology, but not up for the heavy lift to add enterprise software? Implement ASAPP AI and see real results in just weeks. Watch now

Innovating to solve complex CX problems

Siloed legacy technology frustrates your customers. See how innovations in AI help you deliver far better customer experiences—and elevate productivity at the same time. Watch now

What does AI Native® technology mean for innovation in customer experience?

Real digital transformation only happens when you reimagine what’s possible with machine learning at the core. That’s what ASAPP does—and it’s changing customer experience. Watch now

To extraordinary circumstances we must apply extraordinary remedies

ASAPP founder Gustavo Sapoznik started an AI research company to solve large enterprise business problems. Read his vision for the future of machine learning and CX. Read more