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Award-winning speech recognition that finally unlocks insight from conversations – in real-time.

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The vast majority of customer interactions are over the phone – with most insight lost.

The big bottleneck is that the conversations happen and then they’re gone. The only record of these conversations you have is a recording that you have to manually process and transcribe. Or, you’re relying on agents to take summaries/notes which can be time-consuming, inaccurate and limited in scope as it doesn’t typically span your entire ‘data set’. To improve conversations you need to transcribe them in real-time and get immediate insight into which actions to take – while you’re still on the phone. This is what ASAPP SpeechRecognition delivers.

With ASAPP SpeechRecognition, among the world’s best, phone agents deliver effective customer sales and service
  • State-of-the-art speech technology

    Our research team has achieved an accuracy rate amongst the top 3 providers in the world. (LibriSpeech benchmark)

  • Highly customizable & adaptable

    Supports custom dictionaries and custom models. Works beautifully through challenging environments with background noise or accents.

  • Engineered for privacy & security

    PCI & PII automatic redaction for both audio & text. SOC2 compliance, HIPAA compliance

  • A world-class team

    Our researchers & engineers have decades of experience in speech research and industrial production. Core members coming from Siri, IBM, Google, Amazon, MIT


“ASAPP is working at the intersection of world-class machine learning research and transformational enterprise AI products.”

Tao Ma, VP of Speech Systems
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Breakthrough performance published in paper for ASRU 2019

Self-attention has been a huge success for many downstream tasks in NLP, which led to the exploration of applying self-attention to speech problems as well.

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ASAPP ASR featured in Speech Recognition leaderboard

A Speech Recognition leader board lists a paper published by ASAPP as one of the top performers.

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