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Harness the power of a comprehensive, integrated customer data set spanning virtual, live digital, and voice interactions. Don’t ignore what your customers are telling you.

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Every single customer interaction represents signals about the health of the relationship, yet these signals are ignored simply because the technology doesn’t exist to capture them.

Every comment, every action is in reaction to your relationship with your customer. They are telling you what’s working, what’s not and how to serve them better.

Surveys are not real-time, nor comprehensive enough to make the data actionable.

The millions of customer interactions are no longer a black box, no longer have to rely on manual agent dispositions or one-off studies. Empower your employees with realtime access to what’s happening.

ASAPP’s rich analytics provide actionable insight into optimization levers for your customer engagement program, products, operations, and business.
  • Capture 100% of all of your customer interactions

    No more relying on <10% of customers completing feedback forms, or ad hoc analysis to see what customers are saying. Dig into trends and analytics across all conversations happening over digital messaging channels, or voice channels.

  • Robust integrated data

    Macro and micro analysis of asynchronous customer journeys across automation, workforce management, sentiment, and outcome metrics and segments. Integrated custom partner parameters & outcomes provide meaningful context.

  • Real-time trend detection

    Get a pulse on how customers view you, at this exact moment in time. See how that changes over time and take action.

  • Navigate large data sets with an intuitive and lightning fast interface

    Designed from the ground up to quickly and easily make sense of data-rich information with powerful analysis tools to discover true insight.


“At ASAPP Engineering we love creating innovative products that solve real-world problems for our customers, by pushing ourselves to solve interesting and difficult technical challenges every day.”

Aaron Isaksen, Director of ML and Data
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