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Turn every agent into your best agent with a fully augmented experience.

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Arm your agents with the ability to deliver exactly what the customer needs, at exactly the time they need it.

Over 90% of customer engagements are with an agent, over the phone. Yet the agent is still working with 30-year old technologies.

It’s expensive.
It’s inefficient.
It’s a lost opportunity.
It’s frustrating for customers.

ASAPP AgentDesk dramatically improves agent efficiency and effectiveness
  • End-to-end interaction platform

    Automating and augmenting interactions to achieve a seamless customer experience as never before.

  • Self-learning and improves over time

    The best agents teach the system, the newer agents are supported by it, it is constantly improving and your automation is more accurate than ever.

  • Agent focus

    Purpose-built to deliver value for every agent-assisted transaction, with best in class automation capabilities.

  • One source of truth for every conversation, regardless of channel

    AgentDesk has a record of every interaction and the actions taken, even allowing a customer to jump from virtual assistant to chat to phone in one seamless motion.


“ASAPP has a world-class research team. Here we can investigate some of the most fascinating research questions in AI, publish the results, and turn the ideas into products - all at a rapid speed. I don’t think we could do this anywhere else; at most places, we wouldn’t even have access to the data ASAPP has.”

Prof. Kilian Q. Weinberger, Principal Scientist
The Results

Top 3 US Cable Company

  • 13%

    reduced call-in rate within 1 month of launch

  • 91%

    avg. customer satisfaction scores, 9 points above baseline

  • 28%

    improvement to agent throughput above baseline

  • 16%

    increase in sales conversion

Top US Mobile Brand

  • 40%

    improvement to customer satisfaction

  • 92%

    call prevention within 48 hours after initial interaction

  • 65%

    containment through AI automation

  • 25%

    of interactions now moved to digital

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