Why AI-Native?

Enterprise technology - especially the technology companies use to interact with their customers - hasn’t kept pace with modern expectations: it’s incremental, painful to deploy, and generally provides poor experiences. We asked what software could achieve if it were designed explicitly to make people better. Our answer is AI-Native. It’s a set of principles for product development that puts algorithmic capability at the core of product architecture, design, and deployment. It means that everything we build in our products benefits a larger feedback loop between machine learning and human supervision. We believe it’s a new approach that will realize AI’s potential in the enterprise.


'Bolt-on' intelligence has a low ceiling.

Just like you can’t strap wings on a train to make it fly, you can't bolt on "magic AI" to legacy platforms to make them do something they weren’t designed to do. The opportunity that AI presents in enterprise software is to reimagine products and build them from the ground up to leverage new algorithmic capabilities.

By building a new platform on which work takes place, you can globally optimize for outcomes the organization cares about rather than locally optimizing handpicked KPIs.

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AI-Native allows you to seamlessly leverage the human in the loop.

Legacy enterprise technology doesn’t improve because it lacks both underlying machine learning capabilities and the appropriate data on which to learn. ASAPP is deployed where your customers and your workforce meet. We sit between the essential -- but mostly untapped -- interactions your company has every day.

Deploying ASAPP sets in motion a first-of-its-kind feedback loop: by using the augmentation and automation features ASAPP provides, your workforce trains the system to improve, generating more powerful features, even greater usage, and transformational outcomes.

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AI-Native is the next chapter.

The future of work demands a platform that enables a powerful collaboration between people and machines.

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See how our team is built to support AI-Native.

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